On the 6th of June 2014, George GUSI, the YULAI Landowner Chairman of the infamous Petromin Owned and Operated Tolukuma Gold Mine was arrested and charged by Boroko police on charges relating to the rape of a young lady at Tolukuma Gold mine site towards the end of 2013. Later that night, he was questioned by Boroko Sexual Offence Detective.

Upon receiving the news, PNGs Main stream media contacts were alerted, social media postings were done.

This is Tuesday 10th June 2014.
Not one single media outlet ran this story about the YLA Chairman been charged with the rape of young female.

One might ask, “What’s so special about this story that PNG Main stream media should pay attention to?”

Petromin Holdings Limited owns and operates Tolukuma Gold Mine in the Goilala District of Central Province.

TGM is the only 100% Petromin owned operation. It is understood Petromin Holdings Limited is PNG Government owned. Which literally means it is a PNG people owned Company.

If Petromin Holdings Limited wants to show cause about its seriousness in extracting natural resources from beneath the land, which is “customarily” owned by the people of Papua New Guinea, Tolukuma Gold Mine is a very good starting point. TGM is an ideal place for Petromin to show its seriousness in trying to fairly, professionally, honestly without disadvantaging the minorities.

So what’s so special about George Gusi that Petromin has not made a media release about this incident?

Is this story not a big deal? Hence PNG Media decides to brush it aside? Petromin Holdings Limited is a government owned Company. Anything Petromin related should get some air time on PNG Media at least.

Is this a true nation progressing into the future? Ready to be a power player in the Pacific Rim? Ready to stamp out corruption and nepotism?

The silence from main stream media on this reported crime is deafening. Petromin clearly seems to have retained shadow men from the Somare days. The mainstream media don’t have the courage to be professional and investigate this matter or so many other matters we have reported.

It is very shameful we had a Murder of a PRIEST in Guari get FRONT PAGE coverage while this rape story does not make it anywhere near News Media.

It is this behavior that retards progress, keeps the imbalance of power in favor of the shadow men, and leaves a stain in the mind of foreign investors that PNG had too much sovereign risk.

My god. Our own people democratically elect a leader (such as the case of Epi Koga) and our own government owned PETROMIN Corporation is allowed to continue functioning in their own interest by wiping this event from the pages of history. Choosing instead to leave George Gusi – their puppet – as chairman for 18 months instead. But now he is arrested for child rape. And still there is silence from Petromin.

My nation mother – you treat your own children and family like this… What does it say to the rest of the world who want to come here?

No wonder Australia choose Manus Island as the regional detection center. The poor refugees must think SHIT. They do these games and injustices to their own kind. What will they do to us?



  1. When there is something negative, in Goiilala, or done by Goilalas, PNG media goes viral and reports it like there is no tomorrow.

    This particular story deserves to make the headlines. But how come it never did?

    Are we seeing the dark forces at work? Are we witnessing the fact that money can buy your freedom?

    Is it true that regardless of your guilt, so long as you are on the side of the big players, you can do anything under the sun and walk away a free man?

    Money does really make this world go around.

  2. If your not part of the solution then your part of the problem….

    The mainstream media clearly failed in there duties and by doing so assist Petromin in continual mismanagement.


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