Goilala Highway is our only road link from Goilala District to PortMoresby.Goilala District? Nah. Its more appropriate to say this highway connects Tapini Station to Port Moresby. Nothing else.So its more appropriate and fitting to call this highway Mona Highway which is its original name anyway.

The surround villages near Tapini – Erume, Pilitu, Koruavu, Lavavai, Tavuniav – aint close enough to Tapini to be able to feed off from this road link. Erume may be connected but its not as good as it should be.

So really Tapini station is the only station that this highway connects. And the people there are served. No one else.

So in as far as Goilala is concern, what form of transportation is best suited to us, reaches a good majority of people and villages and benefits us adequately?

Road transport seem an option but the main constraints are the terrain of our home district which is mountainous and rugged, having steep mountain ranges and separated by fast flowing rivers.

Building a road through this will take time, require a lot of funding and the expertise and labor required with equipment. Acquiring funds for this road works will bankrupt Goilala for a good long while.

So road transport isn’t worth it in short term. But can be slowly attended to in a long term.

Sea transport is a No-No obviously because we are inland. We don’t have oceans up there.

Air transport seem our only hope and ticks off all the boxes with ease.
It reaches a widely situated villages, serves 100% of Goilalas population, and has already built airstrips across Goilala covering literally all corners of Goilala.

If our leaders had the foresight, these airstrips would have been funded fully, have them re-opened, maintained/repaired to ensure third level airlines operating/servicing Goilala’s safety is guaranteed.

After having these airstrips re-opened and completely safe for traveling public, these leader would then bring in necessary lacking/missing services like health, schools and other vital services to the people.

Without working, safe and up-to-date transportation system in our District, been a rugged and mountainous terrain, bringing in Development of any sort is a far cry. And impossible.

To bring about change, a strategic plan has to be thought out and drafted and priority areas/services identified and funded accordingly.

And if our leaders had the heart for our people and place, transportation, especially air transport, would have taken spot Number one.

Once Goilala is opened up and easily accessible, from outside, other basic services which are currently lacking will flow through using transportation.

Again, no working and safe transport system mean no development. Its just simple and pure as that.

If our leaders and those in decision making positions has not realized this than either they lack the mental capacity or just they just isn’t fit to run an office of this magnitude.

To solve a problem, one has to identify the cause, identify the causes if the problem, think out an action plan and come up with a solution. Implement the plan/solution and then review it to ensure what has been decided upon is working.

Right now we are having leaders who are going around acting like First Aid Kit specialists giving out band aid solutions to a tropical ulcer.

This ulcer does not need pain killers and pain relief medications/solutions.

What is required is a thorough, systematic examination of the patient’s history, life style, habits, preferences and hobbies before a solution is identified.

If no one has noticed this then we got nowhere else to go.



  1. Hi Anthony, good piece you have written, The major difficulty with aircraft is that they are heavily regulated (pilots, fuel supplies, maintenance and repairs) as well as restrictions to ensure safe flying, so the per passenger, per kg of freight costs may be quite high and to justify regular services one needs to demonstrate high value goods need to be sent to markets to create an opportunity that will ensure regular services…

    You may not have the necessary altitude to grow premium coffee and I cannot think of other commodities except maybe gold? The coastal area may support treecrops such as coconuts, (produce coconut oil direct instead of copra), paulownia (a light boatbuilding/furniture timber that matures within 30 years) http://www.paulowniatrees.com.au/History.htm and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paulownia

  2. Thanks Brian Ballard,
    You not wrong there. That is one of the key impediments to air transport in Goilala.

    We now have Air Sanga and Sunbird Aviation running service flights in Goilala but they are mostly dependent on the returns from back load.

    From Port Moresby out, the plane is full. Coming back into Port from any of the ports in Goilala, the plane is either half full.

    So the government, if they do exist, can look at subsidising air fleights esp from Goilala back into Pom.

    In that way, it encourages farmers to bring out their vegetables to Port Moresby to sell. There is also an option to tap into the gigantic food vegetable market that Port Moresby puts forward.

    There are supermarkets and hotels willing to buy fresh vegetables from Goilala but they want it to be supplied CONSISTENTLY, and the QUALITY must be of High standards, and has to be in huge QUANTITIES.

    Which we are sure we can meet this criteria will excellence but transportation is our one and only major hindrance.


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