Mona rolls out K173,000 for Goilala students. By MATTHEW VARI

Sunday, June 29, 2014 (Sunday Chronicle, PNG)

(in floral shirt) MP Daniel Mona presenting a cheque to Port Moresby Institute of Matriculation Studies.
(in floral shirt) MP Daniel Mona presenting a cheque to Port Moresby Institute of Matriculation Studies.
(floral shirt) Mona presenting cheque to UPNG accounts staff.
(floral shirt) Mona presenting cheque to UPNG accounts staff.

MEMBER for Goilala District in Central Province Daniel Mona, challenge his students to change the face of their district from one that is stereotyped with a bad reputation, to one that is focused on building its human resource.

The member made a whirlwind tour of four institutions in Port Moresby that have students from the members electorate enrolled to make presentations of funds for tuition fees last week.

Students from the district were all smiles as their respective schools of the Port Moresby Institute of Matriculation Studies (K100,000), University of Papua New Guinea (K20,000), Koki Vocational (K20,000), Hohola Youth Centre (5,000), and the Divine Word University (K28,000).

All funds were from the district’s District Services Improvement Program and disbursed through the Louise Mona Foundation, which is focused on serving the educational needs of the Goilala people.

“Through this program we have increased funding allocation for our students from last year’s allocation of K500,000 to this year of K900,000.” Mona said.

“It cost a lot of money to get educated, and today’s world is about getting an education and holding job to succeed in your life.”

“Your parents visit to a lot for your sake to have a good life, and rightly so as I am your mandated leader I have allocated what your money and is not mine.”

During the presentation of funds the Goilala MP also made a challenge and blunt warning to his students to not take the opportunity lightly- saying that their continuation under the program would be result based.

“You have to do well as these funds have been put to you- our greatest resource, and if you do not you- you will be off the program,” he reminded them.

“These funds could go to other services in the district but have been given for you as education is one resource that serves not only you but also your families back home.”

“There is this saying in my district that for every working Goilalan in the city looks after 1,000 people.”

He said that it was his administration’s aim to create elites for the district who would in turn changes the district’s image.


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