I was on the phone with one of my old school mates in Tapini. He is now a teacher and is back home in Tapini LLG teaching in his local village school. The school he completed his Primary School back in early 1990s.

He sadly told me the usage of illicit drug – marijuana is so rampant and the rate at which illegal activities are occurring is so alarming.

Young man take drugs openly. Production of home brew is done in open and drinking of home brew is a everyday activity.

No one cares and fear the Laws no more.

Women & children are no longer moving around freely. Old and elderly are just no longer respected.

The police stationed at Tapini Station are helpless and powerless. They cant do much except watch.

Since the murder of that young Revival Church pastor in the mountain ranges between Tapini and Fane, s chain of.brutal and gruesome murders within Tapini and surrounding areas.

Young Pastor Who lost his life at the hands of thugs
Young Pastor Who lost his life at the hands of thugs

My teacher brother told me over the phone there was a murder of a young lady in Tapini, which never got any attention from Police and the authorities.

Other murders happened in Vatokoipa, which involved two brothers. No one moved a fly. Another Ita man murdered his wife at Apolot, no one bothered.

The very recent one involved a young man who was rushed to Tapini and onto port Moresby and he is fighting for his life at Pom Gen.

There was a gang rape incident at Kovetapa recently and again nothing has been done.

And the culprits are free and enjoying life like some untouchable invincible heroes who can’t be touched by anyone.

This is only Tapini LLG. How about Woitape LLG and Guari LLG?

Well Guari LLG lawlessness made headlines we all know. And needless to say no one has been arrested in relation to any of the murders that took place there.

Woitape LLG seem to have a span of peace and harmony thus far. But that because of the Gold mine at Tolukuma which has employed nearly all young hence the rate of lawlessness in that corner of Goilala District seem minimized.

Fight against Lawlessness is not an easy task.

With the remoteness of our District, this is one hell of a task that will have to require careful, strategic and smart approach.

One very handy option in this whole Law & Order issue is the Village Court system.

Empowering this very, currently unused network will go a long way in helping to reduce lawlessness.

Empower this village court officials, retire the old and dying pre-colonial officers, and recruit young educated and train them so they can return and work in their respective villages.

To make their jobs easy, ensure communication networks are extended deep into the remote corners of Goilala so information, reports & messages are sent & received real time.

We all admit there is no miracle solution to this problem.

But this problems can be minimized, reduced and eradicated from our societies.

But the problem is our Leaders at political.level, our leaders within district Administrations, our chiefs and elders at villages aren’t doing much except lip talk and fold arms and watch.

Until we wake up from our slumber, this lawlessness will continue from.already bad levels to worse situations.

It is better to Prevent an accident now then to cure a disease when it matures.



  1. what is happening to those guys bro ( witnol benko ia)


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