Much of our recent views on issues affecting our district as we have expressed here (GDDF Blog) have highlighted some of the challenges or inattentions of our MP.

Chopper Taking off to Kerau with School Materials  - Digicel Foundation Inc
Chopper Taking off to Kerau with School Materials – Digicel Foundation Inc

Opportunity for the Goilala community to direct important questions those in authority or mandated leaders for that matter in support of better ‘development’.

I believe there has been positive progress in heed to voices that were heard. We commend those that raised concerns and offered constructive suggestions as well as those who raised their hands to be part of the change.

Let us also excel the efforts that are obvious or unseen. There have been certain development programs done by Hon. Mona that may have less mention or never on this forum. Those that have access to such information are urged to share with the community at large.

This is information on progress in the district is that I have knowledge of and I publish for the benefit of all.
Thus, for the Goilala public to consume and digest, the following is information on the current work program carried out by Digicel Foundation in Kerau. A Partnership with government and private institution to bring services to communities.

To date,

1.  Counter funding between MP and Digicel foundation sees materials drop off at Kerau – a remote constituency
2.  MP assisted with chopper hire of K100 000 and K30 000 hire of vehicles to transport fuel to Tapini
3.  The double classroom and Aid post is the second project. The first project in this partnership is a double classroom at Peter Torot school in Tapini. Hon Marape and Goilala MP with Digicel CEO opened the classroom.

MP is committed to continue the program in other parts of Goilala.

God bless beautiful Goilala.

Source: Boniface Eve’s post on Goilala District Development Forum group on Facebook.


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