Free Education for all Goilala students both in Port Moresby, in colleges and tertiary institutions across Papua New Guinea [and overseas (??)] is the approach Goilala MP Daniel K Mona has embarked on since taking office.

Living up to this tag, and proving his critics wrong, he headed home to Tapini station, the District HQ for Goilala.

During this short chopper trip to and from Tapini, Daniel K Mona promoted Tapini Sacred Heart High School from a High School to a Secondary High School status. This effectively means Tapini Sacred Heart Secondary High School will now be able to take in Grade 12s and pass out students directly into the country’s National High School system.

Tapini Sacred Heart High School at this stage is by the best school in terms of amenities, facilities, and basic requirements for a modern day school. And the teachers are also well groomed and highly qualified to handle the pressure from Grade elevens and Grade Twelve.

And as such, the move by Daniel K Mona requires and demands every living Goilala far and wide to stand up and applaud the decisive decision he has made to make this bold move.

The onus is now on the schools BOG and the Management with the staff to produce the quality results that they know they are capable of producing.

Producing quality students from Tapini Sacred Heart should not be a problem as Tapini came runner up in the national exams in 2012, and followed on to tops the Central Province in 2013 National exams. Hence graduating quality students from Tapini should not be an issue of grave concern.

On the flip side, recently Tapini Sacred Heart High School had volunteers – Mr and MrsBruce and Rowena Farquharson – from PALSM AUSTRALIA, who assisted with various roles within the surrounding communities.

Mrs Farquharson who is a registered nurse normally working in a busy regional hospital in Hamilton, Victoria, responded to the community request for an experienced nurse to help mentor the new Health Centre staff in primary health care provision.

Unfortunately upon arrival here, Rowena was told by the staff at Tapini OLSH Health Centre that TB is now endemic rather than epidemic.

TB and generally Health situation in Goilala is far worse than what’s been told and sold to the public by District’s political and administrative leadership.

Tuberculosis is curable. Which is a known fact. With better health facilities, fully kitted medical supplies, with advance and affordable equipment, having skilled and committed personnel onsite can go a long way in reducing the alarming statistics that is unknown to the health authorities in Port Moresby.

AID/HIV statistics in Goilala are barely known. And the risk of unsuspecting innocent individual getting infected is so high.

It is already a endemic. It is no longer an epidemic.

Honorable Mona, How can you invest so much in a sick population? How can you blindly invest in a population that is slowly dying?

Are you too blind to even notice that paying school fees for students is by far the best investment you have embarked on compared to previous Goilala MPs.

But what if all the small kids end up dead. And no one comes to class. What would be your free education policy worth? NOTHING.

It would make a lot of sense if funds are divided into and directly concentrated on HEALTH and EDUCATION.

Get the foundations of HEALTH AND EDUCATION laid out now. Once that is sorted out and sealed, Free Education and Free Health Care then rolls on onto of this.

You can buy the plane once all is smoothly rolling and everyone is happy. Right now, buying a plane and paying school fees for a dying population is only a sign of mad man.


  1. Come on Hon. Daniel Mon stop the media attention and seriously see our people’s plight. Human Resource is paramount in every country and you need to seriously consider health as PRIORITY.


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