St Mary Mackillop Primary School Koiava Opening – Bishop Rochus Tamatai

Just arrived back from Tapini today Wednesday 17th Sept after a hectic weekend but very enriching.

Firstly we welcome on Friday 12 Sept, the visiting students and staff from Monovae College, Victoria, Australia. A welcome BBQ at MSC Aussie Gordens, then 13 Sept, on the Hiritano Highway to Tapini.

Incidents along the way, traffic pulled up driver Robert Gudia for overloading so they claim. Robert consulted with Fr Brian who advise to get the ticket for him to settle later as he was coming later, and off they should drive ahead..ha..ha.. surely I was driving following behind Fr Brian who pulled to the side of the road-check to settle things with the traffic police.

We followed the Hiritano hwy, then off on the Kubuna-Tapini hwy commonly known by the locals as “Louis Mona Hwy” it was a good 6 hours drive.

Oon Sunday during Morning Mass I conferred the sacrament of confirmation to the students and in the afternoon the Monave students did a four hours walk to St Mary Mackillop Primary School Koiava in preparation for the official blessing and opening of three double-classrooms and five teachers’ houses on brand new and build with local timber, with iron roofing and kalabond just matching the green mountain side of the Loloipa Valley.

Monday 15th Sept after morning mass at Tapini Station, we drove to the new school site for the formalities, dancing, celebration and off course the blessing and opening of the new school facilities.

All the Education dignitaries from Central Provincial Education we late in every sense of the word so after allowing for an extra hour we started without them. Interestingly enough they drove in a long convoy sounding the horns and sirens to announced their arrival, only to discover that I was towards the end of the prayer of blessing and ready to cut open the ribbons, which were bush vines with nice string of flowers.

It was an opening full of drama as the officials discovered sooner of later that the formalities were just about over. As I moved from classroom to classroom sprinkling holy water, Fr Casmiro Kito MSC blessed the five teachers houses.

In the meantime, the student dancers belt away their kundu drums and dancers rhythmically pounding on the grass and creating thick cloud of dusts…it was truly the Goilala dynamic and explosive movements with excitements and gratitude for the new learning facility, a center for education and formation. congratulations to Frs Brian Cahill msc and Casmiro Kito msc with the Sacred Heart high School students and the community at Koiava for realising this very vital service. God bless you all


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