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On Monday morning, 23rd June 2014 at 10:30am, Papua New Guinea Honorable Prime Minister Peter Oneil and his key ministers were scheduled for an hour of airtime on the local radio station Talkback Show – FM 100.

The main agenda for this high powered team making a booking on FM 100s Talkback Show was primarily the PARAGATE SAGA and TASKFORCE SWEEP recommendations to Police Commissioner of Papua New Guinea and the subsequent events that unfolded since that letter.

A copy of that letter made it out to the Mainstream and Social Media which then got everyone talking.

The seasoned Radio host Mr. Roger Hau’ofa after the introductions opened up the lines to let the public in on the Show so they can ask questions to get feed back from these high powered team of Ministers, Governors and the Prime Minister.

The very first call that came in was from…

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