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Petromin Holdings Limited and its operations in Tolukuma Gold Mines is more of a ghost operation.

No one knows what is happening and no one is aware of its performances and how it intends to expand its operations into the nearby mining lease license areas.

It would be an understatement to say Tolukuma Gold Mines is operating in secrecy. Tolukuma Gold mines operation is in reality chaotic. There is confusion, uncertainty and disillusion amongst the work force.

According to sources, TGM has embarked on a COST CUTTING exercise due to lack of profit. That is the official statement, whoever in reality they (PETROMIN) have no money to spend and are trying to cut (back on operational costs).

All at a time TGM needs investment the most!

Gold production over the last 12 months under Petromin’s watch is the LOWEST in 15 years of TGM’s life span.

Most workers have now…

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