What Color is Water?
While relatively small quantities of water appear to be colorless, water’s tint becomes a deeper blue as the thickness of the observed sample increases. The blue hue of water is an intrinsic property and is caused by selective absorption and scattering of white light. Impurities dissolved or suspended in water may give water different colored appearances  – Wikipedia.

In Goilala, precisely in Kosipe, the famous site where the stone axe was found dating back 35,000 years of human inhabitants, there is this river which the locals call is IVANI.

The Plains thats water-clogged all year round.
The Plains that’s water-clogged all year round.

Ivan, originates from a low swampy plains. This plains are socked and clogged with water which has been there since creation. This plains are risky and dangerous for humans to pass  through or even walk over. The depths of this plains are unknown. And whats below there is also unknown.

What’s known is the river that flows out from this plains is Darker than normal. This color changes as it goes down stream towards the sea but right at the source, color is dark.

No Cofee? No Tea Bag? We Got Ivani.  Taste? OK, Thats where the problem is.
No Cofee? No Tea Bag? We Got Ivani.
Taste? OK, Thats where the problem is.

The locals at times do not put coffee or tea leaf/tea bag into their morning tea since the water fetched off this river is already dark enough to be regarded as tea. But to make it taste like coffee/tea, coffee/tea bag is added to boiling water.

There has been researchers and archeologists flocking into Kosipe primarily to hunt down prehistorical artifects and data but if one of them has taken time to wonder why this river was abnormal having a darker colored river flowing out from the plains.

Whats below? How deep it is? Why Black?
Whats below? How deep it is? Why Black?

There is belief this dark color is a result of fallen trees which has been buried deep down piled on top of each other over time producing a dark pigment that causes this dark color to be disseminated into the river system below the plains.

Archeron Having a bath in Ivani

One other phenomenon that the locals has come to accept is the cold river trout fish that inhabit this Ivani river has black colored skin. The Kosipe valley has other rivers that flows through it. And the fresh river trout in this rivers are normal silver light/white colored skin. Whether as those in Ivani are dark.

The plains through which this Ivani river flows through is a Agricultural gold mine. The land is fertile and very nutritious and can produce healthy vegetables. The only problem is there is too much water under ground. If a way can be found to drain out this water underground, channel it out, creating dry land, mass production of fresh vegetables can strive without fertilizers.

Flat unused plains laying idle.
Flat unused plains laying idle.

Nature has its way of doing things. And some things nature does and provides for us, we don’t sometimes or most of the time understand or comprehend. We take it as it is and use it for our own benefit.


  1. Could the river water colour be associated with the peat formed in the swampy parts (as in the Wahgi valley around Aviamp tea estate where drains are to 28 feet in depth ensuring continuous drainage for the tea? The flow of the river seems to ensure good drainage as natural erosion has lowered the natural depth and rounded granite rocks seem to form its base.


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