Tauwade speaking Goilalas cover Tapini Urban, Ivani, Central Ivane; Sopu Kerau Kataipa Jowa Loloipa,Pilitu 1,Pilitu 2.

But this political boundaries does not reflect the over lapping nature of the actual languages spoken in various sections of Goilala. For example, the Kosipes and Ivani’s are actually Tauwades. But they are been included into the Woitape LLG which is predominantly the Fuyuge language speakers.

Similar situation with Loloipa and Jowa wards under Tapini LLG. These wards are predominantly Gunimaipa seaking Goilalas but are included into Tapini LLG which is  Tauwade speaking Goilalas.

So literally, LLG boundary markings do not really reflect the Languages spoken in Goilala. It’s just a politically decided invisible land mark put in place for political convenience and purpose.

I may have erred when I said Woitape is the most populated LLG. Looking at the council wards under Tapini LLG, one can already conclude that Tapini does have the population  to seriously put up a fair challenge, if not grab, the political power position.

So what is the principal element contributing to why Tauwades still does not threaten the Fuyuges when it boils down to the money end of the political game?

To understand the current political failures of Tauwade speaking Goilalas, one needs to understand the historical and the cultural traditions and norms that binds and under lays the customary wood works which obviously forms the epicenter of the way of life in this areas.

Tauwades are a boastful bossy group of people. They believe that they are created to give orders. And not take orders.

Taking orders is never and should not be in their vocabulary. Taking orders is a foreign concept and was introduced recently.

Having said that, we come face to face with a situation where a Tauwade speaking Goilala gives orders to another Tauwade speaking Goilala. That is like trying to force an elephant to pass through the needle hole.

Bring this complex cultural tradition onto the modern day political arena and spicy it up. And you create a perfect breeding ground for disagreements, jealousy, discontent, disunity, opposition, lack of cooperation, suspicion, and obviously corruption.

Time and again Tauwades have grown disgruntled and disillusioned due to the fact that no one wants to submit to anyone, and humble themselves and adhere to general expectation of masses. Every single mini-camp, or clan want to have their own man contest every time an election year comes around.

There is hardly common consensus agreement and understanding amongst the Tauwades. The Aiwaras wants their own to contest, so is the Ivanis and the Moinas. The pilitus and Sopus do likewise. The Tapinis and the Minarus also throw in their share to spice up the game.

Not to be left out of this mess, their cousins in Kosipe and Tanipai unselfishly add a maximum of 10 to the list and that’s how the Tauwades end up loosing every given National Elections.

Having too many contestants contesting to split up about 3,000 votes in Tauwade, gives Fuyuges the upper hand as they have about close to 10,000 voters who walk blind folded into the Open Members seat.

The contrasting difference here is, when the Fuyuges say one thing, they agree to it and seal it as final decision undisputed.

When it comes to nominating candidates for National Elections, Tauwades submit a stunningly long list. Followed up by Kunimaipas and the Fuyuges just chip in a handful and win unopposed convincingly.

Before going out to hunt down and accuse someone of your own suffering, ensure to do your home work and ensure your backyard is spike and span before pointing fingers. Because you might end up been the culprit behind all the mess after all.


  1. I think that really sums up the Tauwade speakers really well which is half my bloodline because I am part Tauade and Kunimaipa from the Loloipa valley.


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