When a country is faced with huge budget deficit, economic imbalance, social instability, lawlessness and weakening judiciary system. A responsible government or parliament will decide to practice a democratic norm and call for fresh elections to seek people’s mandate.

In all democracies such practices are done in best interest of country’s economic and political stability which results in social progress and strengthening of governance systems by seeking people’s mandate.

Nearly 3 years of parliamentary 5 year term has passed; PNG parliament has seen the worst and weakest in terms of balanced debate on key policies and legislation.

The precedent set by previous and current regime has totally pressured democratic norms, stressed out judiciary system by means of seeking judiciary review on nearly all governance matters.

Last 13 years of PNG parliament was spent in courts trying to determine who will do what and what can be done.

In a civilized society, protest march is the last resort when all has failed however PNG politician have a sense of immunity against any outcry by public because many of our people are just too ignorant or take no interest in politics.

Politics affects everything in your life; it affects what you eat, what you see, what you do and what you listen too. cost of living is affected by decisions made in PNG parliament.

However, it seems with all billions spend on our electoral process it is still not effective and transparent to simply carry out a mid-term elections to seek people’s mandate; so we have to put up with the circus for another 5 years or more.

Photo source: Unknown


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