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[June 9, 2013 at 1:34am]

Preparation for a Government should start early, if one is not satisfied with what they have now. I am not claiming to be the answer nor do I know the answer but I feel convinced that this is most certainly what is needed: preparation. We do need good people to be good leaders. People who care and will not sell [PNG] Goilala, people who will be intelligent enough to identify the problems and brave enough to have the determination to address those problems, people who can recognize threats to our economy and future and find means to mitigate them, people who can also seek and seize opportunities and promote and protect our economy.

People get the government they deserve it is said, so if we feel we deserve a government that SERVES us, then we need to make that effort to GET it…that effort needs to start now….let us not be swayed by emotion and rhetoric but let us be shrewd and plan and get up out of our comfort zones and start the process, commit resources and effort and make it happen…there are so many good people who have the capability and skills and qualities to be good leaders, men and women, they need to be identified and screened and moulded and prepared and eventually, elected.

Even then, they must be monitored and guided in their efforts, not discouraged or exasperated by expectations that are unrealistic….it CAN be done…if we want a better tomorrow…for our children…otherwise, we must accept, that this great nation we call home, will most certainly go to the dogs…sold off chunk by chunk, by uncaring politicians and their transnational criminal cronies….

So how can you help? I often hear from exasperated people that there is “too much talking” and not enough action. This may be true, but talking is one of the first steps that are needed and talking MUST continue even when action is taking place.

I believe that the 2017 Elections will be very much influenced by Social Media. Many may scoff at this perhaps outrageous prediction but think about it and you will agree. Everyone of you here has the ability to influence those who are not on FB and who do VOTE. The masses. They rely on us for their issues of concern. School fees, bail, compensation, deaths, births, marriages etc. They listen to their kin who are educated. They can be influenced. You can make a list and you will find that it is quite significant. Social Media is not only here to stay, it is here to make a difference. It is up to you how that will be. You could use it to influence decisions at the ballot. You could use it to influence the make up of the next Government.

And so if you want the Government you deserve, you will have to make a concerted effort to GET it…

Things We Wish We Could Tell Parents…

Things We Wish We Could Tell Parents…

Confessions of a Classroom Aide


1. Allow your child to be INDEPENDENT

Stop doing EVERYTHING for your child-you’re only hurting them in the long run! I know that you want to do everything for your precious little one, but please once they reach an age where they can start doing things on their own (starting around 1-3 years old) let them do it! Let them clean up their own toys, allow them to try to open their own juice box, let them use scissors and practice cutting (with supervision of course), let them glue things to paper and color, let them put their own shoes and jackets on, & make them carry their own things! I know life with kids can be a whirlwind and society makes people always feel that “go-go-go” pressure, but take a moment and allow your child to learn responsibility and independence, even if it may not be as quick as…

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Does this kids need solar powered kits? I think they need a better classroom.
Does this kids need solar powered kits?
I think they need a better classroom.

Providing Education and Health services in Goilala is a major challenge due to various factors including poor or non-existent road networks, lack of support services and the rugged terrain.

Despite these impediments, the Catholic Church plays a pivotal role in ensuring schools and health facilities remain operational to serve the people.

Fr Brian has initiated a number of programs to build capacity and develop new schools in widely accessible areas -(eg. Construction and opening of St Mary McKillop C/S @ Koiava in Sept).

A number of Goilala students have been sent to Bomana Sacred Heart Teachers’ College to come back home and teach after they graduate.

The sad fact is that the government is not working in partnership with the church to deliver these critical services. In reality, we dont have a District Education Sup, there has never been any permanent Standards Officer to monitor/promote standards.

Basically, Goilala district does not have a sense of government presence. The way forward is for the Church and Government officials to work in partnership to provide these basic services.

There has to be constructive dialogue between relevant stakeholders to chart a strategic plan to develop education and health services. Elementary education for Goilala is not viable because of obvious reasons.

Government technical officers need to acknowledge and support the work of the Catholic church which is the key player in providing these two basic services.”

Dr.Dolly Guise Explores Goilala’s Conflict Resolution and Leadership Traits.

Being an effective leader is learned skill, but you can apply some simple techniques to build and drive a powerful team.

Hello Michael, thank you for your blessing. I appreciate this very much.

And hello Anthony and young Goilala aspiring leaders, I don’t always check out FB so this is late indeed. A person usually knows when he/she is a leader – and that I learned from you people many times over.

To give one illustration that happened at Tolukuma several years back: A tribal riot broke out in Port Moresby and the spill-off came into Tolukuma mine. Indeed, into the underground mining process.

We had to nip this spill-off immediately; so I organised a huge mine site meeting believing that the solution will really come from the community/people.

There was a lot of loud talking, fear was everywhere, a lot of shouting, a lot of threats and many many suggestions. Then one man who never says much but is always “spot on” whenever he speaks, got up and quietly put forward his ideas and suggestions; he spoke with authority, clarity and firmness; what he proposed was so rational and logical for both feuding sides as well as the community; he was thoroughly objective in his thinking and the approach to the Problem. We all knew that what Chief Maia Mark said contained the solution to the problem. Chief’s suggestions were carried out by the Company and the problem was resolved.

Goilala culture contains one feature that is unique to Goilala alone, and not just in PNG, but unique throughout the world (although I do stand to be corrected) and that is in the following: when a Goilala chief holds political power (inherited) he works all his life for his people so that he can stand proudly on the Ombo for all to witness how much he has done for his people. The “witness” is not only in the “looking” that is done on the day of the Gabe/Gaba but in how the younger generation has strategised, planned, schemed, encouraged, resolved arguments concerning the physical and safe movements of Olofs and Alus, the opening and closing of Enambs and Gaijes etc etc to bring about the retiring chief’s ascension on to the Ombo. This is the real true measure of a good leader (politician?). This is his political fruit. And every Goilala chief I knew always wanted to ascend the Ombo with pride and greatness riding on the shoulders of the younger generation.

This is the unique aspect: THE DESIRE TO ONE DAY RELINGUISH POWER AND HAND OVER TO THE NEXT GENERATION. Have you known of anyone who is holding power and wants to relinguish it?

Generally, they are all desperate to hold on to power for as long as they can. In Goilala if a  leader or chief does NOT work for his community and people, his power will choke him and leave him to wither and die alone, sadly somewhere out there.  So all you young Goilala leaders men and women you have a great culture to learn from. You also have a great history –  just go read about Lake Kosipe and the origins of the that Nation.

You have so much to be proud of. think about it!

Words by Dr Dolly Guise

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD),Social ad Cultural Anthropology – Melanesia – University of Sydney, Aust.
PhD: Researched interconnection between violence/aggression and personal and political power; relationship between violence and aesthetics as well as the strategies of complex negotiations and compensation payments


Bendan’s bridge, only held together by a rock, balances the hope of Goilala people. This is one of the on the Mona-Goilala highway, linking Tapini to Port Moresby. One day the bridge will go and the link to the outside world cut if nothing is done before the next monsoon rains arrived.

If the rock supporting this bridge gives way, that's literally end of the only link between Goilala and Pom
If the rock supporting this bridge gives way, that’s literally end of the only link between Goilala and Pom

The collapse of the bridge will have adverse effect so on the economy of the district. It will cut off movement of goods and services in the area like health and education which are solely provided by the Catholic Church agency and whatever remains of the government services in the district headquarters.

Many attempts have been made to contact the office of the open member Mr. Daniel K. Mona but every time the answer has been “we will look into the matter”. Until now there is no progress.

Sacred High School has been using its initiative to keep the road open by digging landslides and maintaining bridges.
Goilala people are riding on the backs of their children. They have no machines and no money.

Words & Pictures by Father Casmiro Kito


TEACHERS RIPPED-OFF Teachers in Central Province who are due for Leave were shocked and frustrated after hefty unjustified deductions were made to their entitlements. A 12% ‘Commission’ was deducted by a travel agent on top of K100 ‘Processing’ fee and a K30 Cheque clearance fee. Ordinarily, Travel Agents collect 10% which basically should cover Admin/Processing Fees. This is unethical and broad daylight robbery. The travel agent concern is HAREN TRAVEL SERVICES (6-92268). Section 54, Allotment 1, Pasuwe Haus, Ago Street, GORDONS, National Capital District, Papua New Guinea, HAREN is the Travel Agent, that was engaged by Central Province  Division of Education. All teachers from  Central who were entitled for Leave this year are been affected by this day light robbery, said a staff member. Another concern Papua New Guinean said “What the travel agencies are doing is illegal under the IRC Tax Law. If they are paying monetary value of the travel budget to the teachers without deducting any tax as required by law. By deducting the 10% commission, they are double charging the teachers for issuing a travel ticket to the airlines, they automatically get commission between 5% to 7%. Additional 12% that is being charged is over and above the commission fees. There is no such thing as processing and cheque fees, that is a rip-off. Expose the travel agencies for the good of the teachers and others.

K20million in DSIP FUNDS & STILL No Sign of IT in GOILALA [2012-2014]

Bulolo MP Honorable Sam Basil posted on his Facebook Account wall stating the following..


Why were some MPs building the same 40-metre bridge at a cost of K10 million and taking more than a year?

Regardless of an MP being in Opposition or Government, the MP can deliver services but more MPs have surrendered people’s rights and mandate to sit on government bench and fail to deliver.” [end quote]


Its now 2015, that’s 3 years of ZERO progress of any sort in Goilala District. Goilala District DSIP funds, at close of 2014 should be within the limits of K30million.

At the presentation of 2014 GOILALA DISTRICT DSIP Acquittals, our Honourable MP Daniel MONA stated that, been a remote District, a larger chunk of Goilala’s DSIP funds were used on Charters – helicopters and third level airline planes, to bring development into Goilala.

The same MP Mona is been well documented on record saying anyone criticising his works as the MP for Goilala in Goilala is a Goilala who has never been home. They are Goilalas who are living far out and don’t really know what’s happening in Goilala.

OK. I am one of those Goilalas who are not in Goilala. Not in Port Moresby and obviously not in Central Province. Hence I might be wrong.

Hence I pose the question.

What has Mona done since July 2012 in GOILALA?

In response to this question posted on Goilala District Facebook group, stated the following.

It is indeed a great precedence set by the MP for Bulolo. He has been doing it for his electorate ever since he got elected into Parliament.

Ten million is a lot of money and there is still a lot more money out there to be dished out for the willing and seeking. Resource limitation is only an excuse given by the small thinkers.

I’d rather be a BIG THINKER and learn to think beyond the scope and sphere of my limitations. Someone once said to me; “Common sense is uncommon when it comes to money”.

May be that is our problem, we have too much money to play around with and we have lost our way and our elected representatives have lost their way as well. I personally see a missing link in all our elected representative at all levels both past and present.

The missing link is the gift of HUMILITY. Humility is the ability to acknowledge your limitation and seek support from experienced development experts who have the passion and pride to serve the common target. That i see as the missing link. And even if that is done those asked to assist do not fit into the criteria I stated above.

We end up building stock of people with no development experience who have no standing nationally and internationally and so all they are limited to is the 10 million which they all want to dip their sticky and dirty fingers into. If we have development experts with standing and connections, they will be able to tap into other funding sources such as, PIP funds from National Planning, Incentive Funds from AusAID, Stabex funds from European Union and the donor fund list goes on and on.

Are we able to do this?? The answer is no because our leaders are teaming up with people who do not know the game plan played by other elected reps from other electorates. But can we do it? YES WE CAN OF COURSE.

I am Michael Atuai and that’s just my say.” [end quote]