Source: The National, Thursday December 4th, 2014

CENTRAL Governor Kila Haoda paid K500,000 for a solar home system to be installed in the Guari LLG yesterday.
Haoda paid the money to local solar power provider Sun Tech PNG Ltd.

President of the Guari LLG Patrick Bawai said it was the first time that the LLG was assisted by the Government.

He thanked Haoda for bringing power to their homes. “Guari LLG has a population of 7000-8000 and the only way for my people get to Port Moresby is by walking for almost a week before they can get on a PMV to the city,” Bawai said.
“There is no electric light, the villagers have to walk for miles in total darkness.” Haoda said the purchase of the solar system was part of his initiative to provide basic services to the people in his province, not only to those people in the urban areas but people in the rural areas as well.

“I work and consult through the Catholic Church, as I trust the churches to deliver services.”

He said churches worked with and lived with people in  rural areas.

The cheque was received by an executive from Sun Tech.


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