Dr.Dolly Guise Explores Goilala’s Conflict Resolution and Leadership Traits.

Being an effective leader is learned skill, but you can apply some simple techniques to build and drive a powerful team.

Hello Michael, thank you for your blessing. I appreciate this very much.

And hello Anthony and young Goilala aspiring leaders, I don’t always check out FB so this is late indeed. A person usually knows when he/she is a leader – and that I learned from you people many times over.

To give one illustration that happened at Tolukuma several years back: A tribal riot broke out in Port Moresby and the spill-off came into Tolukuma mine. Indeed, into the underground mining process.

We had to nip this spill-off immediately; so I organised a huge mine site meeting believing that the solution will really come from the community/people.

There was a lot of loud talking, fear was everywhere, a lot of shouting, a lot of threats and many many suggestions. Then one man who never says much but is always “spot on” whenever he speaks, got up and quietly put forward his ideas and suggestions; he spoke with authority, clarity and firmness; what he proposed was so rational and logical for both feuding sides as well as the community; he was thoroughly objective in his thinking and the approach to the Problem. We all knew that what Chief Maia Mark said contained the solution to the problem. Chief’s suggestions were carried out by the Company and the problem was resolved.

Goilala culture contains one feature that is unique to Goilala alone, and not just in PNG, but unique throughout the world (although I do stand to be corrected) and that is in the following: when a Goilala chief holds political power (inherited) he works all his life for his people so that he can stand proudly on the Ombo for all to witness how much he has done for his people. The “witness” is not only in the “looking” that is done on the day of the Gabe/Gaba but in how the younger generation has strategised, planned, schemed, encouraged, resolved arguments concerning the physical and safe movements of Olofs and Alus, the opening and closing of Enambs and Gaijes etc etc to bring about the retiring chief’s ascension on to the Ombo. This is the real true measure of a good leader (politician?). This is his political fruit. And every Goilala chief I knew always wanted to ascend the Ombo with pride and greatness riding on the shoulders of the younger generation.

This is the unique aspect: THE DESIRE TO ONE DAY RELINGUISH POWER AND HAND OVER TO THE NEXT GENERATION. Have you known of anyone who is holding power and wants to relinguish it?

Generally, they are all desperate to hold on to power for as long as they can. In Goilala if a  leader or chief does NOT work for his community and people, his power will choke him and leave him to wither and die alone, sadly somewhere out there.  So all you young Goilala leaders men and women you have a great culture to learn from. You also have a great history –  just go read about Lake Kosipe and the origins of the that Nation.

You have so much to be proud of. think about it!

Words by Dr Dolly Guise

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD),Social ad Cultural Anthropology – Melanesia – University of Sydney, Aust.
PhD: Researched interconnection between violence/aggression and personal and political power; relationship between violence and aesthetics as well as the strategies of complex negotiations and compensation payments


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