TEACHERS RIPPED-OFF Teachers in Central Province who are due for Leave were shocked and frustrated after hefty unjustified deductions were made to their entitlements. A 12% ‘Commission’ was deducted by a travel agent on top of K100 ‘Processing’ fee and a K30 Cheque clearance fee. Ordinarily, Travel Agents collect 10% which basically should cover Admin/Processing Fees. This is unethical and broad daylight robbery. The travel agent concern is HAREN TRAVEL SERVICES (6-92268). Section 54, Allotment 1, Pasuwe Haus, Ago Street, GORDONS, National Capital District, Papua New Guinea, HAREN is the Travel Agent, that was engaged by Central Province  Division of Education. All teachers from  Central who were entitled for Leave this year are been affected by this day light robbery, said a staff member. Another concern Papua New Guinean said “What the travel agencies are doing is illegal under the IRC Tax Law. If they are paying monetary value of the travel budget to the teachers without deducting any tax as required by law. By deducting the 10% commission, they are double charging the teachers for issuing a travel ticket to the airlines, they automatically get commission between 5% to 7%. Additional 12% that is being charged is over and above the commission fees. There is no such thing as processing and cheque fees, that is a rip-off. Expose the travel agencies for the good of the teachers and others.


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