[June 9, 2013 at 1:34am]

Preparation for a Government should start early, if one is not satisfied with what they have now. I am not claiming to be the answer nor do I know the answer but I feel convinced that this is most certainly what is needed: preparation. We do need good people to be good leaders. People who care and will not sell [PNG] Goilala, people who will be intelligent enough to identify the problems and brave enough to have the determination to address those problems, people who can recognize threats to our economy and future and find means to mitigate them, people who can also seek and seize opportunities and promote and protect our economy.

People get the government they deserve it is said, so if we feel we deserve a government that SERVES us, then we need to make that effort to GET it…that effort needs to start now….let us not be swayed by emotion and rhetoric but let us be shrewd and plan and get up out of our comfort zones and start the process, commit resources and effort and make it happen…there are so many good people who have the capability and skills and qualities to be good leaders, men and women, they need to be identified and screened and moulded and prepared and eventually, elected.

Even then, they must be monitored and guided in their efforts, not discouraged or exasperated by expectations that are unrealistic….it CAN be done…if we want a better tomorrow…for our children…otherwise, we must accept, that this great nation we call home, will most certainly go to the dogs…sold off chunk by chunk, by uncaring politicians and their transnational criminal cronies….

So how can you help? I often hear from exasperated people that there is “too much talking” and not enough action. This may be true, but talking is one of the first steps that are needed and talking MUST continue even when action is taking place.

I believe that the 2017 Elections will be very much influenced by Social Media. Many may scoff at this perhaps outrageous prediction but think about it and you will agree. Everyone of you here has the ability to influence those who are not on FB and who do VOTE. The masses. They rely on us for their issues of concern. School fees, bail, compensation, deaths, births, marriages etc. They listen to their kin who are educated. They can be influenced. You can make a list and you will find that it is quite significant. Social Media is not only here to stay, it is here to make a difference. It is up to you how that will be. You could use it to influence decisions at the ballot. You could use it to influence the make up of the next Government.

And so if you want the Government you deserve, you will have to make a concerted effort to GET it…


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