Things We Wish We Could Tell Parents…

Things We Wish We Could Tell Parents…

Confessions of a Classroom Aide


1. Allow your child to be INDEPENDENT

Stop doing EVERYTHING for your child-you’re only hurting them in the long run! I know that you want to do everything for your precious little one, but please once they reach an age where they can start doing things on their own (starting around 1-3 years old) let them do it! Let them clean up their own toys, allow them to try to open their own juice box, let them use scissors and practice cutting (with supervision of course), let them glue things to paper and color, let them put their own shoes and jackets on, & make them carry their own things! I know life with kids can be a whirlwind and society makes people always feel that “go-go-go” pressure, but take a moment and allow your child to learn responsibility and independence, even if it may not be as quick as…

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