We are approaching the end of January 2015 faster than we imagined. And obviously we will be at the end of year 2015 soon.

We got 2017 after 2016 next year – NATIONAL ELECTIONS. So really its not surprising to see there is momentum and increased tempo in the way discussions are going in our group here.

It was the case in 2012 where Facebook was not really at its peak but this year and leading up to 2017 June, we will see a lot of intense discussions, debates and accusations.

With politics been the focus, lets explore another area that directly contributes to us voting whom we vote every election year.

In my opinion, there are two areas that directly contribute to Goilalas doing what they do.


In Goilala, jealousy is one mindset that is so engrained and deeply rooted and goes back to tribal dominance over another weaker tribes.

With education and money now been the two major players in modern day Papua New Guinea, Goilala is been consumed by this mindset.

The once powerful tribes are no longer as powerful as they were back in the day. There are some tribes who are more powerful nowadays since they have the money and educational advantages compared to the other once powerful tribes.

Hence using this to their advantage, tribe with the educational and money power decides to contest the national election knowing they have the education and money to back them up.

This triggers Mr Jealousy into action and thus the weaker tribes in the area of education and financial status still sends one of their candidates in to contest the elections. This act literally destroys the chances of a well educated candidate from the same area.

There is also another area of having too many educated professionals ganging up from one area but does not want to submit to one another. This is PRIDE. No one wants to let others gets the credit alone so everybody wants to make a run for the top post.

In doing so the chances of a well placed, well educated, well experienced and acquitted professional, with a huge amount of experience in whichever profession, getting into parliament is cut into half, if not quarters.

Jealousy is also triggered by payback, woman, money, land, education.

Human nature is such a complex thing to convince and persuade. It will take time and effort but in the long run, what we don’t realise is that, TIME & EFFORTS ARE BEEN WASTED in trying to persuade and convince.

One thing we Goilalas need to realised and accept is, its either NOW or NEVER.


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