Today, the Catholic Education Secretary, Diocese of Bereina called a meeting of all Goilala District teachers and was held at St Joseph, East Boroko.

In his address Fr Brian Cahill said, “Elementary Sector in Goilala will be suspended and only Gr. 1-6 will be implemented. Whoever Standards Officer Central Province wants to push through Elementary is not going to work out.” This comment in itself is discriminatory to the school age population and the people.

My question is whether Fr Brian is representing the correct view of the Education Department, the Central PEB, Bishop of Bereina or General Education System of PNG? Is he aware that only PNG has a unified education system in the world?

For this person to question Standards Officers effort to support implement PEB decisions and legal principals of the Government is itself an attack on the State, the Administrator of CP and the Secretary for Education.

He has also advised teachers to collect K90 project fees is defiance to the directives of the Education Minister of the PNG Government.

In his press release the minister said “NO PROJECT FEES FOR 2015”. PEB decisions to uplift the Elementary sector in Goilala and Proper elections of School Boards by local communities plus return of School Accounts back to school boards has been ignored by the same person. The sad thing is that the CES and District Education Superintendent was there and could not advice that person correctly. Why? These two are trained Educationists. Why allow this person to dominate, manipulate and dictate to them?

In my honest view, the Bishop of Bereina must immediately remove this person as Chairperson of the DEB and let him concentrate on projects and his already distorted Tahini Parish. He has completely failed his primary duties as a priest and pastor. If he failed his primary spiritual and pastoral programmes, why worry about education systems when there are enough education specialists who are ready to do the job without manipulation so education services is restored in Goilala.

Please let pastors do their job effectively so that education can come in to complement spiritual development.
Finally, my views are solely mine and strongly feel that government effort to restore education in Goilala must be left to educationist to strategies avenues to do that.

I am now going to speak to the Office of the Education Secretary to convene a meeting with the Provincial Administrator and the Bishop of Bereina to rid these obstacles and allow a full system of education in the District.

One thought on “Father BRIAN CAHILL SAYS ELEMENTARY SYSTEM IN GOILALA WILL BE SUSPENDED – Reports Patrick D Ghorok[Facebook]

  1. First and foremost, I would like to thank Patrick D Ghorok for breaking this news here.

    Personally, I do not understand the inner makings of the Provicial Education systems and the District Education systems hence I will plainly ask Patrick D Ghorok the following series of questions.

    1. Is the education systems in Goilala managed by the Government [aka Central Provincial education]?

    2. Or is the education systems been designated to the Bereina Dioceses to take charge of it?

    3.For the benefit of the misinformed and unaware, can Fr Brian Cahill’s role be explained thoroughly so it become public knowledge for all to be aware of why he does what he does in as far as Goilala District’s education system related issues are concern.

    4. Is the education system in Central Province corruption free?

    5. Is the Central Province Education Department/system performing beyond and above expectation in all facets?

    6. Why is most of the schools in Goilala closed? Is this the responsibility of Goilala District education department? Or is it Central Province education department [PED] or is it Bereina Diocese responsibility?

    7. The subsidies from the National Government [if given] and Provincial Governenment [if given] for Goilala, who handles that directly? Is it Goilala District education division? Or Bereina Diocese?

    I think a lot of people don’t understand what goes on in the corridors of Kone Dobu and even the Bereina Diocese functions and responsibilities hence when they do what they do, most of us just watch on with a confused mind.

    Patrick D Ghorok – Can you be able to elaborate that?

    Or even Fr Brian Cahill, you reckon you can come out and clarify what your meant with your commentary? For the benefit of the misinformed, unaware and confused populace?


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