To the haters out there, think before you criticize us because one fine day you will run to the Police for help..the negative remarks made by individuals on the social media will not destroy us but can be taken as a wake up call to those members who have stepped out of line and remember that the people of this country are watching us on how we perform our duties..I know we all love our Job and we will strive to do our best whether it be in the city, towns or in the rural communities of Papua New Guinea..that is why we swore an oath to do our job without fear, favor, malice or ill will..

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You like to criticize us but let me tell you that most of us have committed our lives to this beautiful nation of ours.

Papua New Guinea as we all know has a diversity of cultures making Policing here very tough and frustrating but then again it takes someone brave to tackle this diversity in enforcing the Law. Most of us Joined the Police force because we grew up in this disciplined environment or because it was our childhood dream job and not just because we didn’t get a job after school. It is a tough Job though and requires someone with great heart to stand out among the crowd to uphold and enforce the Law.

Though we may be tough in line of our duty and may step out of line in enforcing the Law but than again it shows that we Papua New Guineans have a major Attitude…

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My call for competition was directed at sharing responsibilities and taking full ownership.

In terms of management of schools, in my personal view, competition is healthy. When you compete with nobody in this sense, you do things without realizing they are wrong. On the other hand, its unhealthy in terms of improving learning standards.

We cannot compete with other schools in terms of improving learning standards. Competing with such standards has to be within individuals institution.

On the question of operating and managing a school, its not money that matters, its the population and need. This is the business of the government unless you think of operating a private school.

If you need to, applications of new school registrations are done in February & March each year. This is recommended by PEB and submitted for approval and registration by the NDOE.

Any organization can apply for school registration with the NDOE if there is a need. While waiting registration endorsement, starting small with funds & basic infrastructure is always beautiful.

Once registered, it is the population of the students that will attract government funding. But before that, all schools registered and operating under the National Education System must complete and submit a School Census Form on a yearly basis.

This is where government subsidies come. Agencies who apply to manage schools as partners to the government can charge agency fees but only upon the National Education Boards approval.

And this approval is done on a yearly basis or on agreements with the NEB. Its not right for any controlling agency to come up with its own rates and start collecting fees from students and parents.

Agencies cannot use students components from the government(now TFF) to deduct as agency fees. That is called double dipping (for some known reasons to the government)and ripping what rightfully belongs to students and schools.

So when agencies go this way, they become an automatic partner of the government. This is where funding to manage and operate schools come from.

Furthermore, once a school is registered, teaching positions are also created and funded. You can now see where the government comes in. It is now the sole responsibility of the ruling agencies to ensure that the operate their schools Within the National Education System.

If schools or agencies fail to Acquit government funding and fail to submit School Census, funds are still given but at a lesser rate or otherwise nil.

Yearly government funding are not meant as investments to gain an interest. These are supposed to be spent to impact students learning and acquitted each year.

As a controlling agency, you can also seek additional funding from the PSIP, DSIP or LLGSIP or other donor organizations.

It is improper by virtues to use parents and students to fund a ruling agency manage its other affairs but look for ways to assist schools improve infrastructure and learning standards of students.

As a managing agency, you are guided by the government to operate your school within its approved plans, relevant Acts of parliament, policies and initiatives.

An agency can come up with its policies but must be within the National Education Framework. Policies outside of this framework will surely cause, confusion, doubt misunderstanding, pretend, corruption, disagreements and you can name it all. Interested agents can consult the District Education Superintendent for more information.


Report By Father Casmiro Kito

A little known place in the mountains of Goilala has become the recipient of blend new classroom and a health facility, thanks to Digicel Foundation.

These facilities have come at a time when hope seemed only a dream. These facilities are a blessing in the midst of uncertainty. They have raised the spirit of the people and gave them some to smile about.

Kerau Priary School
Happy & Thankful Recipients of the Digicel Foundation sponsorship
Kerau PS 5
Happy & Thankful Recipients of the Digicel Foundation sponsorship
Kerau PS 3
Assembly Happy & Thankful Recipients of the Digicel Foundation sponsorship
Kerau PS 4
CPG Delegates.. Happy & Thankful Recipients of the Digicel Foundation sponsorship
Kerau PS
In front of their newly built class room. Happy & Thankful Recipients of the Digicel Foundation sponsorship.

The children of St Ann’s Primary School have now a facility fully furnished with solar lighting and water tanks to meet their needs.

Among the delegation at the opening was the Provincial Administrator of Central Province Mr. G. Raka, who was openly emotional given his realization of the state of affairs of our people. The people in the mountains are generally forgotten.


The National Executive Council has approved the revised Memorandum of Agreement on the Tolukuma Gold Mine along with the outcomes of its negotiations.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said the Tolukuma MoA will be reviewed every five years.

The Tolukuma Gold Mine is located in the Goilala District of Central Province and can only be accessed by helicopter.

The revised MoA relating to the Tolukuma Gold Mining Project was signed in 2007 between the State, Central Provincial Government, Woitape Local Level Government, Tolukuma Gold Mine Limited and the Yulai Landowners Association.

“The current MoA review began in October, 2012, and was completed in December 2013 and has been agreed upon by all the stakeholders, whereby the royalty rate will be applied at 2 per cent.

“Cabinet has further directed the Department of Personnel Management to assist in establishing the Tolukuma Infrastructure Development Committee (IDC) and an office as the vehicle of the projects under the Central Provincial Government structure,” Prime Minister O’Neill said.

He said Cabinet also deliberated on the outstanding National Government commitment of constructing the Tolukuma Highway, which is part of the National Building & Road Network Program and directed relevant agencies to provide funding and start work immediately.

“Part of the agreement also comprises of the company’s Business Development Plan and its three year employment and training plan,” Mr O’Neill said.

He said Cabinet approved for the projects to be funded under various national government programs during the lifetime of the project.

Source: Post Courier, February 25,2015, 12:00 pm


TEARS and wailing from hundreds of relatives and friends yesterday morning in Port Moresby welcomed the body of Goilala MP Daniel Mona upon arrival at Jackson Airport from the Philippines.

Mr Mona died in Philippines on February 4 after a long illness.

The international terminal was packed to capacity as Air Niugini’s Fokker 100 carrying the casket taxied on the runway at 5am.

The casket was removed from the plane and taken into the VIP entrance gate of the international terminal escorted by Kairuku-Hiri MP Peter Isoaimo and Goilala district administrator Jimmy Aniawa, and the late MP’s brother John Mona who had accompanied the body from the Philippines.

Mr Mona’s casket was then carried through a guard of honour by members of the Central police task force unit.

Central Province politicians including Governor Kila Haoda, Abau MP and Minister for Public Service Sir Puka Temu, Deputy Governor Desmond Baira and provincial administrator Gei Raga, paid their respect as the casket passed through to the waiting Funeral Home vehicle.

In a statement yesterday Prime Minister Peter O’Neill expressed his sorrow at Mr Mona’s untimely passing.

“I am deeply saddened at the untimely passing of a promising young leader who spoke passionately on national issues, and more particularly about the plight of his people of Goilala.

“While the rugged terrain, and remoteness of his electorate presented a challenge, he was unfazed. He was determined to build infrastructure, and deliver change that would improve the lives of his people,” Mr O’Neill said.

“He was encouraged by the policies of our government, and joined the People’s National Congress party, so that we could work together towards achieving those goals.

“On behalf of the government and the PNC Party I extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to the immediate Mona family, relatives and the people of Goilala district on this sad occasion.”

Source: Report by By JOE GURINA, Post Courier,


On the day when we the Goilala people are in mourning for the loss of our Parlimentary Leader late Daniel K Mona, with the people of Papua New Guinea, by way of  a representation from the Government of Papua New Guinea, we are left to mourn for our Leader ALONE.

This morning [24th Feb 2015, 4:30am], when the the casket of our late MP Daniel K Mona arrived at the airport, there was no media personnel present.

There was no PNG Government representatives on hand to receive our late MPs body. There was no show of respect from the Government of Papua New Guinea.

Late Mona was a member of the PNC Party which is headed by Peter Oneil. How come we never had any one from the Office of the PM and/or even PNC Party on hand to receive the casket? Goilalas flocked to the airport alright in numbers. But the big heavy pot bellied dignitories never showed up.

Whether they were informed of kept abreast of the whole arrangement is something only the Officers from the Member of Goilalas Office knows.

4:30am might be too early to wake up and head off to the airport but  showing RESPECT to a faithful servant and a leader to the people of Goilala who are part of a larger Papua New Guinea nation is something that should not be taken for granted.

We are Papua New Guineans, and where is our Government when we are mourning the loss of our Member of Parliment?

Where is Peter Oneil? Where is Leo Dion? Where is Governor for NCD? Where is Central Province Governor Kila Haoda? Where is other Central MPs?

Thank You our ONE HIGHWAY Member for Kairuku Hiri Honorable Peter Isoaimo, who went to Philipines personally and escorted our Late Member’s casket home.

We THANK YOU Member for Kairuku HIri.

Where is our Government when we need him most? Is it because we are Goilalas? And we are not not entitled to the same treatment like other Papua New Guineans?

Maybe there is a program been prepared but my comment here is aimed at the treatment we got on ARRIVAL.

First impression Counts.


At around 4:30am, today, Tuesday 24th February 2015, our late MP Daniel K Mona’s casket touched down at Jackson’s airport.

Awaiting the casket were grieving Goilalas with late MP’s family and relatives.

At precisely 6:55am, the casket was escorted out by Honorable Kairuku Hiri MP Peter Isoaimo, the PNG Police Constabulary personnel with Goilala Karukas team were on hand to assist and load the casket to the Funeral Home vehicle vehicle.

At 7:10am, late Daniel K Mona’s casket was moved to the Funeral home where our late MP’s body will be rest.



Patrick Dimsock has again got it wrong in terms of what is required to revitalize the education sector in Goilala.

The Catholic Church is a member of the Universal System of Education in PNG. The principal under which this system operates is ‘partnership’ not ‘competition’.   What our agency is concerned about is the effective delivery of education services, not denominational rivalries or the use of schools for proselytisation which is explicitly prohibited under the Education Act 1983.

With regards to Dimsock’s allegations that this agency tried to ‘hijack’ Tolukuma P/s our agency was approached by previous mine management to take over as controlling agency of the school because of mismanagement of the school and the misuse of school subsidy monies by successive school administrations.

Initially we agreed but have since made clear to the community that we are not prepared to do so given the changes that have taken place in mine management and the volatility in the politics around the mine’s operation.   The Tolukuma P/S is a stand alone in Goilala as its establishment and operation is tied to the mine.

With regards to the change of agency which took place first for the Tapini Community School (now Bl Peter To Rot P/S) in 2000, the Tapini High School (now Sacred Heart High School) in 2006, the reasons for these changes were self evident.

The church stepped in when it was clear that the government lacked the capacity to keep both these institutions operating effectively. The physical development and the performance of both schools since change was effected proves the rightness of this move.

With regards to the schools at Tororo and Belavista. Both schools were affected by the activity of ‘new church’ groups coming into Catholic communities and causing divisions within the community, which adversely affected the operation of these schools. The school which previously operated at Tororo serving the Laloipa Valley has now been permanently relocated to a neutral zone at Koiava (St Mary MacKillop) after 20 years of closure. From Koiava it effectively serves the entire catchment area. The school at Belavista remains closed due to the general problem of teacher shortage and the unsettledness of the population.

Suasi is a Uniting Church community boarder of Goilala and Gulf which has always been respected as such.

I am not sure what Patrick Dimsock’s motives are here in casting dispersions on this agency’s role in the delivery of education services in Goilala. Words like ‘hijacked’ and ‘monopoly’ are loaded words. For certain it is improper for the Senior Standards Officer for Primary Schools in Central Province to defaeme this agency by putting out misinformation on social media which ignores the historical context of the Catholic Church in Goilala and its track record of being there for the people in providing essential services.   Working as it has in ‘partnership’ with Government and other agencies who share this common interest. Moreover you cannot rightly call yourself a ‘Catholic’ while attacking the Church you profess to belong to.

Finally, the SSO should not equate himself with the PEB. Unlike the Catholic Church, he is not even a member of the PEB. There are lawful procedures and processes under which the PEB operates and makes appointments to schools in the ‘unified system’. Government officers or any individual wanting to ignore or manipulate these procedures and processes for their own interests are only promoting anarchy within our school system.

Fr Brian Cahill msc EV

Episcopal Vicar for Education

Diocese of Bereina


The Central Provincial Education Board is very concern about the education services and the system in Goilala. However, there is one thing that must be destroyed in-order for us to revitalize the education services out there. That one matter is MONOPOLY.

We must allow competition among other service providers. Other churches like SDA, Revival Church, others and the Government to share the responsibility. Tororo C/S was SDA influenced, Belavista was Revival and CRC I think. Suasi was UC. Why are these schools closed? Tapini High School and Community were once Government but now Catholic run.

We have to fight Tolukuma back to the Government after it was hijacked to Catholics last year. COMPETITION should be allowed in-order to effectively deliver education services and restore the education system out in Goilala.

I am a Catholic but was told not to interfere with teacher appointment in Catholic Agency run schools in Goilala because I have to represent the government to force the reopening Guari Meipa, Kumunga, Jongai, Kafano , Ataipo, Koruava and Kase community schools. Did the PEB do anything wrong there?

Competition is the answer but before that happens, I think the concept of Monopolizing education services in Goilala District must be considered seriously otherwise destroyed


Persistent pressing by me to get TGM PS Administration and BOG side of the story out, got me face to face with the harsh reality that has haunted Woitape LLG Students who attend Tapini SHHS for sometime now.

I was challenged to justify how Woitape LLG students will get to Tapini SHHS SAFELY.

And I had no answer.

I was asked about the two Ononge students that were mercilessly murdered at Mainit/Apolot, and if there was justice done to the culprits who took these two innocent students lives.

And I again did not have the answer to that.

So really when this whole saga is viewed from the flip side, we come face to face with the harsh reality that Goilala District with its rugged and rough terrain is no easy walk to and from Tapini Sacred Heart HIgh School.

If students are to get to school, they all walk. For days. Students as far as Chirime, Kambisea and Ononge has to walk through Woitape, then onto Kosipe, and through Tanipai and Minaru cross Ivani and up to Koruavu and down Kamakov, cross Aiwara river and up to Tapini station. This is no easy walk.

Students in Guari LLG has to circumnavigate their way through the harsh and risky environment from Rupila, Tororo, Omu and Givena through Guari Governemnt stations and Kamula mission station and through the jungles under the foot of Mt Yule over to Erume and cross Jova Loloipa river up through Tatupit and down to Tapini station.

It seems there is a valid point here for students, esp from Woitape LLG to be concern about their safety then to be concern about procedure and processes.

My source blankly refused to accept the blame and said there was no foul play involved in this whole saga.

No one stroke any deals with Laloki Secodary High School outside Port Moresby.

TGM Primary School has been supplying Tapini SHHS since inception and 2014-2015 is no different so will be the following years.

The decision for students to not attend Tapini SHHS is not that of the TGM PS Administration and the BOG. Nor did they play a role in influencing that decision.

If the students decided against enrolling and attending Tapini SHHS, that is their prerogative and has no input from TGM PS Administration and the BOG.

Rugged Goilala is a nightmare for Students attending the Districts only High School - Tapini Sacred Heart High School
Rugged Goilala is a nightmare for Students attending the Districts only High School – Tapini Sacred Heart High School

The question that got me shocked….

“When it comes to safety of students walking to and from school, during holidays, what arrangements has Tapini SHHS put in place to ensure our students safety is secured and protected?