With 2017 fast closing in on us, there is a buzz feeling around town and back home, with regards to whom we should mark as our rep in the house of representatives.

With due respect to our Member for Parliament late Honorable Daniel K Mona, this post is literally aimed at 2017 and nothing else.

Goilala politics is centered around sharing, giving, been open hearten to all irrespective of your personal gain or loss.

If your house is my house when you aren’t a politician, that means when  you become our MP in Parliament, your house will be mine as well.

This is the mind set we have in Goilala. If this mindset is wrong or right, depends on how one perceives the roles and responsibilities of an elected MP.

An elected MP is a human being. He has a life to live. He has a family to take care of and he has his alone time too.

However in as far as Goilala politics is concern, I have come to realize that an MPs house is a camping site for all Goilalas. Starting from the day of the declaration to the day of the next election, the poor MP does not have any bit of private time with his WIFE. put it plainly.

Personal issues like schools fees, compensations, death haus krais and any public gatherings, Goilalas for some reason expect their MP to be the key financier in this whole exercise.

And out of pressure of loosing the next election, the poor MP goes out of his way to please and knowingly or unknowing abuses and misuses Public funds. DSIP Funds that is.

And then we the very people who do not for one second realize that we are part and parcel of the whole break down of service delivery in Goilala, complain loudly and point fingers are our MP and say he is not fit. He is vision-less. He is incompetent. He is dumb. He is stupid.

Its about time we come to realize the fact that elected representatives are Human Beings and they need privacy and they have families to take care of.

Why can’t we let them have some privacy too?


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