One obvious fact that has haunted us for a long while now since 1975 is the continuous elections of leaders who have failed us time and again.

This Government under the stewardship of Honorable Peter Oneil as the PM and deputized by Honorable Leo Dion is the 9th Parliament since Independence in 1975.

Around this time, it is obvious we should have learnt the trade of choosing the right person to be our mouth piece at the House of Representatives.

But in as far as Goilalas political leadership is concern we have not learnt one bit. As such we keep voting the wrong person in all the time.

One fundamental area we can use to assess and decide on choosing our leaders, in my opinion is the HOUSEHOLD & FAMILY UNIT.

A leader is someone whose house is in order. The children are well disciplined and well mannered and respectful. Love between husband and wife is well maintained. And the love relationship between parents and children are intact. And the general household issues are well maintained and taken care off.

For instance the husband does not have a second or third wife. The wife is also not cheating behind the husbands back. And the community standing of this family unit is well received and documented.

Other things aside, if a family unit is in order and all things taken care off and well managed, this person will be able to manage a much bigger District affairs.

If the family is in chaos. The kids are malnourished. School ages children of this leader aren’t schooling and there is chaos in the house 24/7, then its a pity such candidates needs to be honest and stand aside and let only the best fit-the job vie to be our Member of Parliament.

How can one expect to Manage a Bigger Goilala District when he/she can not manage his own HOUSEHOLD?


  1. Yes, I agree. But Politics does not require a well family managed personel, simply a person who has a vision, plan n management to deliver.

    1. Lincoln,
      Thanks for the comment.

      Generally, the question at the end of the article does sums up the whole situation well.

      “If one can not manage a small family unit well, then what is the gurantee there that he/she will effectively manage a large family unit [aka Goilala]?

      Narrowing our thinking down to this scenario would confirm that, even a person with vision and mission and a plan who can not manage his family is only bound for disaster in its raw definition.

  2. Very good analysis Mr. Morant. I had a discussion with family members who should be the next better Goilalan leader – who has shown leadership capability and integrity, and will truly serve the Goilala people without fear or favor. But we became quiet for the rest of the night.

  3. Very good anaylsis Mr. Morant. I had a discussion with family members last night on the concern you raised. You are absolutely correct in saying that a leader who cannot manage his or her household well and is not well resourced will not achieve Goilala’s dream of prosperity. We asked ourselves that night if there was one such leader to be the next to lead. Surprisingly, we were quiet for the whole night.

  4. What about a person that his wife left him because she felt that he was more committed to the Goilala people than her?????

  5. Annonymous,
    That grounds on which couple separate are many. Whats been publically stressed as the actual reason for the separation is merely a window dresser. There is more to it than just a window dresser. Hence its not conclusive to state the obvious.


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