The National Executive Council has approved the revised Memorandum of Agreement on the Tolukuma Gold Mine along with the outcomes of its negotiations.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said the Tolukuma MoA will be reviewed every five years.

The Tolukuma Gold Mine is located in the Goilala District of Central Province and can only be accessed by helicopter.

The revised MoA relating to the Tolukuma Gold Mining Project was signed in 2007 between the State, Central Provincial Government, Woitape Local Level Government, Tolukuma Gold Mine Limited and the Yulai Landowners Association.

“The current MoA review began in October, 2012, and was completed in December 2013 and has been agreed upon by all the stakeholders, whereby the royalty rate will be applied at 2 per cent.

“Cabinet has further directed the Department of Personnel Management to assist in establishing the Tolukuma Infrastructure Development Committee (IDC) and an office as the vehicle of the projects under the Central Provincial Government structure,” Prime Minister O’Neill said.

He said Cabinet also deliberated on the outstanding National Government commitment of constructing the Tolukuma Highway, which is part of the National Building & Road Network Program and directed relevant agencies to provide funding and start work immediately.

“Part of the agreement also comprises of the company’s Business Development Plan and its three year employment and training plan,” Mr O’Neill said.

He said Cabinet approved for the projects to be funded under various national government programs during the lifetime of the project.

Source: Post Courier, February 25,2015, 12:00 pm


  1. Mr George Gusi the YLA Chairman was frustrated over the Petromin and NEC not honoring to sign off on the MOA which was reviewed but shelfed for some unknown reason till now.

    It seems someone from TGM ran to the Petromin Holdings office and told them, you guys sign off and approve this or we are fucked.

    Guess What?

    NEC approves the MOA and also 26th Feb was the deadline George Gusi and YLA gave to TGM and Petromin Holdings.

    So the question is, why was it placed on hold?

    Was the Government hesitant to deliver or they had no money to deliver hence they had to play are hide and seek game.?

    It seems they thoughts Goilalas would be stupid to not see this hence they kept it till YLA Chairman started making noise.

    Well, YLA Chairman actually chased the TGM GM out of his office with an axe.

    The GM got on the chopper the next day and came down to Pom.

    Thank You George, the next time you have a chance, kill the idiot.

  2. Casey Kit comments:

    I think the behavior of Tolukuma management tell me something of the absence and due courtesy of the government representatives to the home coming leg of late Hon. Mr. D. K. Mona’s mortal remains from the Philippines. It is as if we the Goilala people don’t exist in the minds of other Papua New Guineans. We are not accepted as a people. We generally exist to be used and abused by our country folks.
    Thanks Mr Gusi for your foresight and swift action to save the face of Goilala.

  3. Henry Kisio comment:

    By the way, as far I know, Petromin’s corporate management doesn’t have the mining background, as a result, the Board appoints any Tom Dick and Harry to TGM’s top pots to run the mine, unfortunately, to date, the mine has fallen way below its production stats as a mine.

    Since last year [2014], TGM has carried out 3x redundancy exercises consecutively so far which has caused more brain drain of most experienced workforce leaving for other industries causing the mine to near closer to date now.

    So, why is the Government talking about the highway and infrastructure committees to be set up, let’s don’t talk history, let’s talk about how to get the mine up back to its hey days to cater for LO’s and the local workforce whose only garden for their bread and butter.

    Can Petromin come out clearly and and advertise positions for TGM in the newspapers so that qualified persons to apply and be employed on merit and experience rather than doing appointments politically behind doors

  4. Casmiro Aia comment:

    Who forms or makes up the Development Committee and what Infrastructural Development?The mine has almost reached it life span and it is thought to be too late or maybe another sugar talks to blind the poor Chairman and his people… Anyway is there a provision in the MOA that provides for this Development Committee?…If yes then why never undertaken for the last 20 years when the mine was at its peak production?.. Yupla kakai olgeta meat pin is na bones tasol strap name hay bail old samtin wok?

  5. Casmiro Aia comment:

    All the meat is being eaten and only bones left of Tolokuma so how can things work?

    Henry Kisio,thanks for insights on TGM internal issues which we as civil servants have no say over. I support Chairman G.Gusi on the action he took but it is not the best mode of resolving major issues as such which affects the lives and future of people.Acting in such a manner is that of the past and acts of people who are psychologically defeated or brain washed.In today’s contexts,we address such issues with brain power and not at the edge of axes and knives or barrel of guns..We can do better than that and enter into better dialogues to resolve these issues….We must not allow our emotions to superseded our intelligence…I now we able..who says no.


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