The rain Gods have decided to open the taps from the heavens making it literally impossible for any flying object to get into or out of Tolokuma Gold Mine up in the rugged and mountainous terrains of Goilala District.

The rain started pouring down since the announcement by Petromin CEO Sam Inguba and TGM Mines General Manager John MEKENSY about Petromin’s plans to pull out from its TGM operations.

All critical services department have been down scaled and down sized while other minor non critical services have had their employees all stood down effective immediately.

This news/announcement was dropped onto the employees like a bomb. Everyone was caught off guard and and there general feeling across the mine site is that of confusion.

No one knows what to do. No one knows where to go. No one knows if there is anyone who will come back to address their confusion. No one knows if this is the final decision. No one knows what tomorrow has in store for all workers on affected by this sudden announcement.

This news seems to be making out to the world via this Blog only. And no where else.

This whole situation is suspicious and confusing as to why this call is made when the MOA for Tolokuma Gold Mine was approved last week Thursday by the National Executive Council.

With no one representing Goilala people on the floor of Parliament currently, this issues is going to be left attended to by all concern.

Goilala people’s issues are been neglected the to very maximum, if this is something to go by.


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