During Breakfast at the Mainohana Guest House was an interesting observation.

The scramble eggs where served on the table with plates and knives but without any forks or spoons …as in silence all the priests did it their way without anyone complaining to the chef…or raising the need for forks or spoons…each one in their own situation had learned to do without or make do without the extras which otherwise could also means make do without the basics…that sounds like a typical survival kit…without any grumbling or complaining everyone were into the middle or end of their breakfast.

It was a busy agenda for the day but also quite split down the line between the Mountain and the Coastal Deaneries.

Well the Bishop had no choice but to go with the Mountain deanery to come out early from Mainohana because of the fast rising water levels from all sides of the road.

The priest from the coastal deanery continued with Fr Paul Guy MSC our VG to finish off the agendas of the meeting while the Bishop with Frs Brian Cahill msc, Casmiro Kito msc and Thaddeus Hoem hit the hiritano highway to come to Port Moresby, destination, St Charles Lwanga Parish, Gerehu Stage 2 for the funeral Mass of late Hon. Daniel Mona, MP for Goilala Electorate.

Quite a show of strength and sadness as all the Goilalians around the city came out in numbers to pray for the repose of the soul of their Political leader.

Abp John Ribat MSC of Port Moresby was main celebrant, Bp Rochus J Tatamai of Bereina, concelebrants were Fr Ben Fleming msc- PP of Gerehu stg 2 and VG of Port Moresby, Fr Brian Cahill msc PP of Tapini and Vicar for Education in Bereina, Frs Casmiro Kito msc and Thaddeus Hoem the faithful sons of the mountain deanery with Fr John Bosco Tawan msc an ex primary school teacher at Polomania and other schools in Goilala District.

Yes we moan the untimely passing of a young, promising and vibrant leader, a spark of hope for the Goilala District, his untimely death leaves a lot to be desired and still to be completed.

In the many occasion we stood together in front of the people of the District he was a strong advocate of a new Goilala, transforming the label to mean dignity of a people worthy to also contribute meaningfully to the nation..and some are already doing exactly that.

He always advocate to have in his person this “Goilala Dream” or possibly the dream he had for the Goilalians.

Now with his untimely passing on, such dreams may continue to be his wildest dreams unless relevant individuals especially key public servants pick up the baton and sprint the last 100metres relay towards the finishing.

Yes but we also moan very much the people on the ground or rather the clans and tribes in these rugged mountains and terrains, valleys and scattered villages along the ridges in the cold and wet mountains in want of the sunshine sometimes for weeks and months.

Are they been the direct beneficiaries of the social services and physical transformation of those dreams?

I’m sorry and afraid to say that they have been again the lost and forgotten, they had again been left out and left behind.

Until when, can be anybody’s guess. So challenging and so frustrating when the airstrips are half or totally closed, Fane, Ononghe, Kerau, Yongai and Guari – Kamulai. we can appeal for outside help to come but if lawlessness still reign in the communities and LLGs who will dare risks their valuable lives?

Before outsiders can come and volunteer their services the climate on the ground must be conducive to development. There is there reality of rule of terror until law and order takes over and creates a safe and secure environment for all. Infra-structure development and transformation of the lives of real people in the communities, especially the future and next generation. We moan more for the living souls and persons who will have to put up with such difficulties and unnecessary lack of development.

Lets face the fact,that those being charge with that task and responsibility to assure and ensure the effective delivery of social services has blood in their hands when people are suffering, dying and being denied their rightful claim on such social services.

We cannot continue to tell the world that Goilala is changing and transforming…it is not happening on the ground as a reality check and I for one can vouch for that.

As I make this recollection, the only lights in Goilala are at Tapini, not the government station, but the Schools – Sacred High and Blessed Peter ToRot, the Hospital – OLSH and the Parish, while on the other side is the same story, no light in Woitape Government Station but a small and humble hydro at Our Lady of Fatima Parish – Woitape…. while Fane is dark, the same for Ononghe and Yongai, Kamulai, Omu and Kerau all the same pitch dark reminding one of the stone ages and the dark ages, but hey, we are in the hi-tech world and modernize society…what terribly went wrong that after 25 30 minutes flight from the Nations capital one finds oneself back hatching out of the stone age…well it is good thing to maintain our traditional culture and all the rest but hey we are not going to be condemn to that state of existence, we like everybody else have to right and dignity to prosper and advance as a rightful claim of all human being living in this planet.

Something had seriously gone wrong therefore something seriously right had to be done in the immediate to over turn the tide and had a u turn for these our brothers and sisters, the Goilalians.


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