There is very good reason to conclude Electoral Commission has not received the Death Certificate for the late Goilala District MP Daniel K Mona as yet. He said once the death certificate reaches the EC, NEC will be notified n the plans will be instigated to budget for a by-election then the GG alerted/ briefed to roll for Goilala By- Election.
He is still in doubt of whether the documents have reached the EC or not?

Today Wed./03/15 NEC had their meeting. We hope that the documents of Daniel K Mona has been presented together with the related by-election issue.

The Goilala District has a genuine case that has been declared by the Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen n its the only district that is going for a by- election following after the Pomio Election while others that are before the courts.

Yes. I personally think Goilala District n its people cannot be held at ransom for Government approach to service delivery if certain politically affiliated person (s) or individuals or organization try to deviate the course.

It is obvious that many people in Goilala District are missing out on basic services in remote areas. We need to conduct proper research for accurate data to use as basis of good district policies n planning purposes.

Goilala District policies n planning are not been implemented because of poor infrastructure that are relevant to service delivery must be maintained n strengthened.

The budget allocation under the DSIP and DSG has been misused n diverted for other reasons. Corruption is an impediment to service delivery n those responsible must be dealt with.

The Goilala District people need to be working together to be selective in this come by-election n elect a committed n passionate person who will feel that they are place strategically to assist their own people.

The Goilala people need a mindset change among themselves to deliver service.


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