In Politics, I hear they use this slang/phrase.

“Politics a bitch. Once you taste it, you ain’t staying away from it.”

While it is their democratic rights to contest elections in their native nation, I would like to publicly ask this question without fear or favor.

Do we need candidates whom have once occupied the Goilala Open seat during the previous terms?

Names like Mathew Poia, Fabianne Inne, Ajax Bia, Camilo Esef, Andrew Ruddakka and others whom I might have missed.

In my humble opinion, these individuals should not be allowed to contest again.

I mean come on, what have you done for Goilala when you were the MP during your term.

If you have not moved a fly, then what’s the guarantee you will bring about positive change for Goilala and her people?

Best these individuals should do is accept defeat and man up to the fact that their are incompetent, incapable, lacks vision, does not have a clue about what they are doing.

We the people of Goilala should also help to not allow these failed politicians to come back in.

We must in all fairness ensure these individuals are aware and informed they are not needed and not welcome at all to lead us politically.

Their days are up and the best they can do is enjoy whatever is left of their savings (if they do have any) and await their time to kick the bucket.

It may sound rude and disrespectful but hey, if telling the truth hurts, so be it.

Former MP, You Aren’t WELCOME.


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