TGM GM told to go back by Workforce because there is NO GOLD.
TGM GM told to go back by Workforce because there is NO GOLD.

As of this morning, 8am, 28th March 2015, TGM has 1600 ounces of Gold waiting to enter the mill.

End of last week, which is 27th March 2015, TGM has sent down 6 gold bars.

In monetary terms, 6 gold bars would be about K18million (3mil x 6gold bars).

In just the month of March, under the stewardship of Kelly Mende, TGM has proven the myth and doomsayers wrong.

Petromin Holdings Limited in its capacity as the owner and operator of TGM earlier this March month proposed the mine closure.

And has placed the mine under care maintainence.

A grace period was given for TGM to prepare the mine for the closure.

Under the stewardship of Mr Kelly Mende, gold ounce production has started picking up ever since.

Mr Mende as the Minne Engineer and now a shift GM seems to know there is Gold yet to be extracted. And has gone about motivating the workforce to put in extra efforts to prove the Petromin Holdings Limited wrong.

And so far, the workforce has responded positively.

In other developments, GM John McKenzy has decided he will appoint the Mobile Workshop Manager Mr. Anoral as the Shift GM.

This chain of events followed when GM John who was forced back to Port Moresby in the same chopper he flew in.

The workforce are under the impression that the “No Gold” myth and the TGM mine closure move is primarily the work of Mr John McKenzy. Hence the workforce has resolved to keep GM John away from TGM.

On 28th March 2015, GM John was bound to give it a second shot in returning to TGM.

Upon hearing this, the workforce converged to the helipad awaiting the arrival of GM John.

Getting briefed of the situation on the ground, John called the TGM office from Port Moresby and advised that the Manager for Mobile Workshop will step in, in his stead to oversee the mine operation during his absence effective immediately.

The workforce is generally maintaining some order but there is confusion as to why Mr Kelly Mende is been ignored for this move.

There is a general feeling of trust and confidence in Mr Kelly Mende’s ability at the GM position.

But GM John has made a call and that’s final.

Anything can happen here on. Keep watching this space for more updates.


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