In the last 25 years I have taken a side saddle and silently observed the political situation in the Goilala District deteriorated into a state it is today; a state of anarchy and lawlessness. This state breeds corruption and defraud state funds earmarked for District Service Improve Program (DSIP) by the gutless leaders of the people of Goilala. Not a single toea was spent on anything decent for the people.

My impression of the district within these “dark ages” hasn’t been that pleasant. All I saw was continuous recycle of thieves and brigands on key positions within the administration of Goilala District who had no shame helping themselves to what rightly belonged to the people, files of false claims entertained without due diligence (biggest killer of electoral funds), funding cohorts and supporters of the victor of elections (another wayward factor in Goilala politics), empty promises at elections campaigns, throwing hard cash-handouts on the face of the people and making them lazier… and you name it, everything possible under the sun known to be smelly has been tasted.

POLITICAL WILL and funding of all sectors of governance in the district was ZERO. Church run agencies of health and education, for example, received no direct funding assistance to offset its operations as impressed in the budgetary allocations.

Nobody gave a rat’s arse about it. The district administration operated out of Port Moresby that they cared less about what actually happened on the ground. The entirety of the situation was in a flux and heaved on in ad-hoc bases. Uncertainty surrounding the district affairs was being talked about in the market places by well-meaning populace.

To be honest, if it weren’t for the Catholic Church, Tapini would now be a ghost town or hunting grounds for the people of Tapini-Kovetapa. Imagine how tall a tree can grow within 25 years. Perhaps, the reason precisely why these words needed writing down; not to put down people or to seek fame and glory but that the world may know the truth of the suffering of the people of Goilala.

Tapini station stands out as a single most replica of politics in Goilala. The station is a symbol of struggle between the governments of two kinds, the church and the state. Church side of the station has life and state side seems dead. There is light in the church run facilities of health and education and no light in the entire government half of the station.

Who is at fault here? Is the Catholic Church to be blamed? I don’t think so. Is the Catholic Church responsible for the K10m DSIP funds? I don’t think so. WHO IS??? Your leaders, your district
administration, your political leaders… Give credit where it is due.

Rise up Goilala! Are we blind? How long must we be sleeping? Rise up Goilala and see WHERE your RIGHT is, your JUSTICE…these have been confiscated from you. CLAIM IT BACK.



Below is whats believed to be the polling dates for Goilala Open By Elections 2015.

  • Issue of Writs [Nominations Open] – Thursday 14th May 2015
  • Nominations Close Wednesday 20th of May 2015
  • Nominations Runs for 7 days – 14th May 2015 – 20th May 2015
  • Campaign lasts for 8 weeks – 20th May 2015 – 10th July 2015
  • Polling runs for 14 days – 11th July 2015 – 24th July 20 15
  • Counting will run for 21 Days – 24th July 2015 – 13th August 2015
  • Return of Writs will be on the 13th August 2015

In brief, we expect the Writs to be issued on the 14th May 2015. And Nominations to  opens the same day. Nominations will be open for 7 days and close on the 20th May 2015.

When nominations close on the 20th May 2015, that signifies the start of Campaign period. This is when its legally acceptable for candidates to go out and campaign.

Campaign will last for 8 weeks. That’s starting on 20th of May 2015 to 24th of July 2015.

When Campaign closes, polling starts 11th of July 2015 to 24th July 2015. Counting starts 24th July 2015 and will run for 21 days. That’s from the 24th of July  to the 13th of August 2015.

13th August 2015 is the Day we the Goilala people should have a newly Elected Member for Parliament.


Awareness campaign for clean election in Goilala District By-Election is necessary to stop corruption and bribery in height of the election.


It is not enough to know that bribery exists and to do nothing about it. It is a proper time we expose corrupt candidates and their supporters. It is better they are not part of something they contemplate on hijacking with money. These are the bases why politics in Goilala is not working. It is only because candidates and their supporters spend so much money buying votes that when they get elected, the same energy is utilized in recouping lost monies.


The target groups in this case are the youths and community leaders. These can be easily influenced with a K1 betelnut money. These people don’t care who does what. All they interested about is that someone is able to do a small act of kindness.


The idea is that a good person gives. If you give something to someone then you are a good person: Yu em rait man olgeta. People will say, “votim em (vote him).” But this is not for anything good you’ve done but you have just filled someone’s desire. He is satisfied from the onset. Nothing matters then.


Common Attitude: GUT


We Goilala people haven’t grown up to maturity as a peopel yet. We are still in the childhood stages or shall I say primitive stages of our growth. As a child who cries when he/she is hungry and we are very much rule by our gut (belly). Every one of us lacks good wisdom to reason to understand the thing that matter most. We are ruled by the outcomes or the empirical experiences.


I see this has a reason why even an educated Goilalan can kill another person when upset over a trivial matter. We don’t have a reasoning capacity. We only do that which momentarily invades our mind from the onset. This is the one of the primary reasons why we are accused of some of the most heinous crimes in the country. It seems as though we are surviving only of our gut and not reason.


I was told that in a confrontation Goilalas don’t ask questions. So long as a relative is injured on the ground, the kinsman or woman who comes to the scene don’t ask: “Who did it or why is she/he like this?” He attacks the person standing next to the victim, though innocent he may be and with no cause of justification.


Most of these have to do with social formation and how “little” we feel about ourselves. We think we are last of everyone in the world; we think we have nothing; we think nobody will listen to us and we think we are incompetent against the others. And so we say; “You can only hold your wife down and intercourse with her” (Nie iva aeva milai kina’ua pekat’a).


These are realities of our people. We don’t want to show that we are nothing, nobody and anything. So we display our aggression to scare off others. Aggression in actual fact is a sign of FEAR. We are fearful, we are vulnerable. Fear is at the level of our gut feeling.


Bribery during elections is not a game of money but the fear of losing, of not making a mark and of not being able to possess the goods of the district or of letting others taking possessing of it.


Strategy to curve bribery and corruption


The best way to put an end to this is to have spies in place, not so much the supporters of candidates, polling officials or scrutineers but village elders or people of good standing in the community. They see or hear of anybody buying votes, giving any form of assistance to the community on the eve of the elections and or any other irregularities, they report this with specific detail to us who are against corruption on in the elections and we monitor the movement of this particular guy. We will use this information to report to the Electoral Commission and this candidate can be terminated from running.


This is easier to do if we have honest and trusted persons in strategic places in community centres around the district. These people will be give updates of the progress of elections in the district as well as report on malpractices.


Prior to getting a fair graspe of what politics is and how it is played and where it is won, I personally have come to realize a trend that if carefully paid attention will matter most as one grey area that should be monitored.

These days if you try to ask some dude down the road about what’s the best strategy to use to win an election, he will without hesitation tell you right away that’s it’s “Bribery.”

So if that’s true then where does the “Bribery” occur.

Bribery occurs, in my opinion, in various areas. And the following are areas I assumed are fairly suspect spots.

This is the guy that walks the tracks to a village on the eve of the arrival of the polling team.

This person carries the money bag into a village, and hands out money to the rural folks telling them this is just the start. Vote my guy in and this free cash flow will be a norm.

The amounts can range from a mere K20 to a few K100s to each eligible voter.

During and leading up to the polling dates, candidate sponsor events, assist groups, individuals, families with cash or other means. This candidate meets the financial needs of those that need it. And as per common sense and a PNGean way of doing things, the recipient becomes hooked and obligated to returning the “dinau”. And that’s why at the polling boot, a tick is placed next to the candidate.

Polling Officials are humans. And in the Goilala context most polling officials are family.

I have had chats with various individuals who has taken part in previous elections and they without a slightest doubt told me if I wanted to win an election, I should forget campaigning. Save up my money and identify the polling officials and move the money to these guys. And they will do the “dirty jobs” for me.

I asked how is that so? Aren’t the police there to ensure such and any suspicious activity is monitored and prevented?

I was told police personnel involved are also part of the system.

Am told if I want to kill a snake, cut the head.

This means, if am trying to bribe that police personnel, then get the money to the Presiding Officer of that polling team. With information what the purpose of this money is and the PO will handle it.

This PO is not just any other PO. He has to be directly related to the candidate or has some links that traces back to the candidate indirectly.

Remember, according to the common roll, a particular village has 300 voters. But when the polling team arrive, 20 names on the list are deceased, 100 in pom, 80 have moved to TGM and 10 are school students who have moved away persuing their education dream.

This leaves just 90 people onsite to vote. 210 ballot papers are unmarked.

What happens to these unmarked ballot papers?

Well during the counting stage, this particular village’s box when emptied and counted, all 300 ballot papers are marked because the common roll has 300 names registered.

So long as the common roll figures balance out with what’s been emptied and counted, that’s all that matters.

So campaigning can be one thing but money is the Universal Master Key that opens all locks.

Sadly we the small people and change advocates can be so vocal and active on social media and other means but under the cover of darkness, when money moves, shit happens.

Correct me if am wrong. However if am not then this is one area we all need to be very careful about if we want to ensure our next MP is voted in by the people and not by some corrupt polling officials.


With an opportunity presenting itself, whereby my employer had me spend the weekend in Port Moresby before heading back to my duty post – Lae, in Morobe.

I organized and departed for Tapini late on Friday afternoon. My trip was not intended to visit anyone. Nor was I taking this trip to talk to anyone. It was just a sight seeing trip.

I entered Tapini early morning Saturday and departed Tapini once first ray of sunshine fell on Potoro Ororo. We reached Pom late Saturday afternoon.

My bum hurts from a bumpy ride. My Heart cries after what i saw. Am taken back by the harsh reality. And i ponder if we  the people of Papua New Guinea do have some form of government that has a duty of care for the welfare of the rural populace of this nation, which GOILALA DISTRICT is part of.


BY-ELECTIONS for the Goilala Open seat and the West Sepik provincial seat will cost K14.6 million to conduct, Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen says.

He said the Goilala by-election to fill the seat left vacant by the late Daniel Mona would cost K4.6 million.
The by-election in West Sepik was estimated to cost K10 million.

“The estimated costs for the two national by-elections have already been sent to the Treasury Department for funding,” Trawen said.

“Once funding is approved, PNGEC will appoint returning officers and assistant returning officers and announce the by-election programmes.”

Trawen is thinking of April 27 or May 7 for the issue of writs “after I consult with the Governor-General (Sir Michael Ogio)”.

Goilala MP Daniel Monapassed away in February while West Sepik Governor Amkat Mai lost his seat after the Supreme Court nullified his 2012 election win.

Trawen said the Electoral Commission would only conduct by-elections for electorates or seats that have had their legal matters fully expedited or disposed of in court.


Michael Atuai, a agriculturalist by profession, reigning from Erume in Goilala, expression his unbiased opinion on how we the Goilala people should go about appointing our Parliamentary rep.

1. A parriotic and Passionate Goilalian like Anthony Morant .
 2. Some who has served in the area of development (economic, social, infrastructure) and has the passion to translate that for GOILALA.
3. Someone with professional qualification, practice and experience and man or woman of standing at National and international level.
 4. Someone who knows the technique to source development funds apart from DSIP.
 5. Person with INTERGRITY locally, Nationally and internationally. No black mark beside his/her name.
 6. Person who have had affiliations with former politicians and have not done anything for Goilala District must inform how different they will deliver if they get in. They should quit as well.
7. Someone with a steady family and not a polygamist. Someone who manages his family will manage the district.

Sorry candidates, if my criteria hurts let it be.

Its about time Goilala got the best it deserves.


After the announcement of the closing of Tolokuma Gold Mine, Petromin Holdings Limited has gone about preparing the paper works to pay out employees.

Last week the HR Manageress went up to Tolokuma Gold Mine to finalize the paper works.

It is confirmed 320 employees will be paid off.

Employee entitlements will be paid out fully. And transport arrangements will be provided for employees flying out into Port Moresby and onward to their destinations.

While anyone that wishes to stay back, which is what most of the local workforce would do, will be paid extra on top of their full entitlements.

15th April 2015 is the deadline for a decision of the care maintainance program which will then run for a while closing the mine down in sections and segments until the eventual close down.



In a layman’s language, Goilala District is not a commodity with a price tag tied to it.

As such it will be very irresponsible thing to do to even have the thought of selling Goilala.

During the past elections, very narrow minded, irresponsible and short sighted individuals from Goilala have gone out and brought in and support “non goilalas” to contest the Goilala Open.

PNG is a democratic nation and as such freedom of movement, freedom of association and freedom of speech is what forgo out action.

But freedom of everything comes with a Responsibility.

We are responsible for the Goilala we will hand over to the next generation of Goilalas.

Should we hand over a “already sold” goilala to the next generation?

Or should we hand over a protected Goilala to the next generation?

While we respect individuals rights, we needs to be conscious about collective rights and concerns.

I am been reliably informed (I have the list) certain ward councilor and very respected church leaders and some very promising young leaders have formed an alliance with certain aspiring non goilala politician to contest the 2017 NGE.

Not sure of this group is heading for the By Elections. But with the correspondence I got, they are sure to rock 2017 big time.


Not All Hand shakes are made with Good intentions.



I write as an independent thinker after much thought on the pros and cons of the concept of a Nation Highway going through Tapini and for that matter the part of Goilala District. I am aware of the proponents of the proposed road link on the grounds of nothing constructive except on sheer fear confronted by the reality of ‘other’ people infiltrating our lands and grabbing land for nothing. This fear is created by wanting to hold on and not to let go. Yes, these are genuine fears and I have held them since now, after I gave myself another opportunity to you to think again. Thinking of negativity that will be forced upon us as a result of opening up the corridor to connect Papua New Guinea are nothing compared to the benefits this will bring to us.

Let me name some of these many benefits :
@ Access to good road
@ easy access to the Port Moresby markets for our local farmers
@ little economic activity like opening up Tucker shops for our people living along the highway
@ people building their good permanent homes because good road enables them to bring up building materials from POM.
@ improvement to the standard of lifederal
@ district administration don’t have to worry about the road maintenance but concentrate on opening feeder road network around Goilala from Tapini

OF course the disadvantages people foresee happeningcould be:
@ foreigners infiltrating our lands
@ land grabbing by these foreigners

I can only find two disadvantages. Intermarriage is not an issue. This is a personal matter. If people want to marry another person outside then they are free to make that choice.

The condition of Goilala highway must be course of concern for us who are affected every year. Governments come and go but the people are the same. There is no continuity in the service delivery mechanisms in the Goilala District. New member new style of leadership, new people. There is no consistency. We perennial style government that does not have plans to achieve. They live by their stomachs.

At least let us agree for the national highway to go through Tapini in order for our people to benefit. I bet many of our people living in Port Moresby will return when accessibility to services they are after open up again at home.

For these I believe that a National Highway going through Tapini -Goilala would be a blessing for our people.