The late released of warrant/ cash releases from the National Government
(Finance Dept) to Provinces, Districts, Local Level Governments that is a significant factor in lower than expected utilization of funds n execution of service delivery. There are number of reasons for late release of funds including, Provinces, Districts, n LLGs not submitting their budgets on time.

Goilala District is no exception n legally falls under the same category. Goilala District is the worst hit district with a total development expenditure in disarray. There was a gross abuse of funds n inadequate supervision n direction has resulted in under utilized staff n management of District Programs.

At the District, there was n is still existence of inadequate cooperation between divisions leading to ineffective efforts on developmental activities. Allocation of funds by the DCP n Government’s DSIP for the District programmes is either insufficient or often withdrawn for scrupulous used n as a consequence, District officers tend to be station-bound coz most district staff are inadequately trained to implement programs n projects.

Goilala people from the (3) LLGs (Tapini, Guari n Woitape) are still kept in isolation n suffering n are still in doubt of whether the Mona regime still exit n is still in command or there is a new management to care take the affairs of the district till by – election.

The question is ; Who will quit the Goilala DSIP (2014) funds in order for the district to have access to the DSIP (2015) funds? Is it the Mona regime comprising of politically appointed DA Jimmy Aniawa, Hoko Asi (EO), John Mona (FS) Jimmy MANAI (Manager) n the ( 3) LLG Presidents ( All been part of the JDP&BPC Board) do the requitals on behalf of the MP (Deceased)???

Or is it the care taker Administration CPG n the (3) LLG Presidents? Or the buck has to be passed to the newly elected MP n the (3) President once elected through the by election into office?

The buck stops there. There is hardly no single sign of hardcore physical evidence of district development funds been utilized in a tangible way since 2013 till the MP pass away.

How did ORD excepted the Goilala DSIP (2013) acquittals n advise the Finance Dept to released the (2014) funds that was scrupulously used until the MPs death? The ORD dept needs a thorough investigation by authorities coz that Dept officials are all corruptly compromised to certain politician n Goilala is no exception.

Paul Sai, the Director of ORD is in a better position to come clear on that. He knows the Goilala District state of affairs so well while been once a Kiap Officer n have based there n travel around that part of the district. And importantly has dealt with many Goilala MPs from past experience n never send his subordinates to cross-check n verify n deal evaluations on how the funds were used before making recommendation. He should also be put on notice.

Finally, will the (3) Council Presidents be held accountable n implicated for be part of the JDP & BPC to meet n resolved to appropriate DSIP (2013) n DSIP (2014) funds earmark for project development that never existed?

I can only urge the newly elected Goilala MP (2015) to start where the buck ends n allocate funding to engaged relevant authorities to instigated a thorough investigation into the affairs of Goilala District n its LLGs on the usage of DSIP (2013) n DSIP (2014) funds. That is were we can cut open the heart of Goilala District n find the main cause of the disease scalpel it out.

Over n out


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