Below is whats believed to be the polling dates for Goilala Open By Elections 2015.

  • Issue of Writs [Nominations Open] – Thursday 14th May 2015
  • Nominations Close Wednesday 20th of May 2015
  • Nominations Runs for 7 days – 14th May 2015 – 20th May 2015
  • Campaign lasts for 8 weeks – 20th May 2015 – 10th July 2015
  • Polling runs for 14 days – 11th July 2015 – 24th July 20 15
  • Counting will run for 21 Days – 24th July 2015 – 13th August 2015
  • Return of Writs will be on the 13th August 2015

In brief, we expect the Writs to be issued on the 14th May 2015. And Nominations to  opens the same day. Nominations will be open for 7 days and close on the 20th May 2015.

When nominations close on the 20th May 2015, that signifies the start of Campaign period. This is when its legally acceptable for candidates to go out and campaign.

Campaign will last for 8 weeks. That’s starting on 20th of May 2015 to 24th of July 2015.

When Campaign closes, polling starts 11th of July 2015 to 24th July 2015. Counting starts 24th July 2015 and will run for 21 days. That’s from the 24th of July  to the 13th of August 2015.

13th August 2015 is the Day we the Goilala people should have a newly Elected Member for Parliament.


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