With the issue of Writs just 48 hours out from now, the Political fever has reached it climax for Goilalas.

Big players have by now closed in on whom they will nominate and after doing so, have gone about setting out the “game plan” for their candidate.

Amongst a host of them National Alliance is rumored to have picked up one of the candidates that finished up 5th in the 2012 National Elections.

Their plans according to a birdie would be to bring the Grand Chief up to the blue mountains of Goilala.

while People’s Progress Party has also picked up the candidate that came in as a rookie under the PPP banner in the 2012 National Elections.

As usual rumors has it that PPP will fly their candidate in using a chopper. But rumors will always be rumors.

Pangu Party has also shown its hand by endorsing a candidate who is a new comer to the political scene compared to Jimmy Gulolo and Alex Robert Hoem who are now second time candidates amongst others.

Location for nominations is split up with unconfirmed reports indicating Woitape LLG candidates will nominate in Port Moresby why the Tapini LLG and Guari LLG candidates are expected to converge into Tapini to have their nominations done there.

The primary cause of such a split in location of nomination is unknown but hopefully this uncertainty will be settled by an announcement/clarification from Papua New Guinea Electoral Commission.

The tempo has just gone up another level and battle lines are been drawn up between candidates and their supporters. Confrontations between a few candidates and their supporters have been reported here and there but no serious arm.

Campaign strategies are been discussed and finalized around this time. Rallies are also been discussed and finalized.

Goilala Open Bi Elections is turning out to be a very interesting one. Alot of parties are now interested in how this elections are run. And alot of people that was never thought off to be politically minded are now seen to be actively involved in Politics.

Interesting days are up ahead but for now lets await the Issue of Writs date.


  1. Living at a distance and hearing of Big Players turning their focus on Goilala By-Election makes me syched-up. Rumours can be what it means. It can be rumours at its best. If it all happens, well and good for them. As for us Goilalas, we wait and hope for the best. Hello, it’s election time and people can fool us or treat us with their colourful words. I’d love to see what happens next.

    Erico Hovob – a true son of Goilala.

    1. If it’s a rumor than maybe someone from PNGEC need to clarify. The Woitape LLG President, Honorable Joe Geru commented on Facebook – Goilala District Development Forum group – that this rumor is been confirmed.

      It seems this elections will be run on “rumors” only.


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