Pangu Pati is making it its business to ensure all candidates in every election from now on deliver for their people in their first seven months of public office.

This is the strongest position yet the Pangu Pati will pursue in its policy agenda drive, to ensure development is not only seen but felt in rural communities.

Pangu candidates will sign an MOU with the party, binding them to seriously commit them to deliver at the LLG and grassroots level if Papua New Guinea is to experience the real meaning of development.

Being the longest serving Mp in the opposition from the 9th and 10th parliament I have been able to deliver services to my district since even delivering more than what government Mps can.

I’m speaking from experience, and with conviction. It is NOT difficult to achieve real-time service delivery with little funding availability. It takes a genuine and visionary heart to see this through.

I am volunteering to share Bulolo’s ‘pain and gain’ experiences, believing this to be the best way forward yet, on the back of numerous public complaints of lackluster performances by certain electorates despite massive DSIP and PSIP funds distribution or expansion in the recent years.

And so I told a Goilala community who gathered at Vanapa for the official launch of Pangu Pati’s candidate for Goilala by election yesterday, that whether it takes me ten (10) or fifteen (15) years to deliver service to the rural outback, I will ensure it happens.

I will be going bush, to Goilala in several days time to be with my people, and I challenge those leaders of other political parties to do likewise.

Let’s ‘walk the talk’ to show how genuine we are with the people’s plight, and not to milk them high and dry with their votes.

At this juncture, I am privileged to present to the media here today Pangu Pati’s candidate for the Goilala by election Mr William Samb.

Mr Samb is an Engineer by profession, having graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Technology in Lae, and a further Masters in Project Management from Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

Mr Samb has been involved in major road constructions and maintenance projects with Shorncliff, Dekenai as a contractor and Cardno Acil as a consultant and recently contract management with National Roads Authority.

He has been serving other centers of Papua New Guinea with immense dedication and professionalism.

Therefore, it is only fair that I now take him back to where he belongs. It would be of great disservice to his people of Goilala had he said NO to this call.

But I’m glad he said YES. In him I see hope for Goilalas, and I have no second thought on that.

To the people of Goilala and rest of Papua New Guinea, I present to you my Pangu Pati candidate, Mr. WILLIAM SAMB.

Approved for immediate release

Hon. Sam Basil MP
Deputy Leader of Opposition, Bulolo MP &
Leader of Pangu Pati.


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