Candidate plans to complete projects

After serving 18 years in a teaching career, Boniface Eve is ready to enter political world to serve the interests of his Goilala people.

Eve’s decision to contest is a drastic step for him, especially since he plans to complete outstanding projects that the former MP, the late Daniel Mona, has left behind.

He is among a handful of Goilala elites contesting for the vacant seat.

Mr Eve drew the curtains on his post as the deputy principal, academic, at Gordon International School with an optimistic goal to deliver services for his people in the remote district.

Mr Eve’s drive to contest the by-election was derived from the late Mr Mona’s unvalued contribution to the district.

Mr Eve praised the late Mona as a unique Goilalian tin the history of Central Province politics and the country in general.

“He has set the precedence and I will continue from where he left,” Mr Eve said while contemplating the late MP’s leadership.

“Mona has set the pace and there is no hiding for me. It’s about time that I step out from my comfort zone and utilise my knowledge and experience to bring change to my people of Goilala just like what late Mona had done.”

Mr Eve declared to uphold late Mona’s plans and vision for the district.

He said he was ready to deliver in the short space of time before the next general election in 2017. He said he would implement all development plans projected by the late MP, and would evaluate and analyse these strategies to achieve the set goals.

A review of the five year development plan for Goilala district was the foremost task he would focus on to enhance positive changes for the district.

Mr Eve was part of late Mr Mona’s committee in the Louis Mona education scheme and knew where to carry on from where the late MP had left.

He praised Mr Mona’s leadership, which had placed a high priority on education.

He said Mr Mona had set the precedence for other leaders to follow in delivering to the people without fear or favour.

He said he would focus on education, health and infrastructure, mainly the roads within the district.

He said he would work to complete M

r Mona’s major projects that included the Mondo township and the Doa –Tolokuma Road.


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