Out of the 33 candidates contesting the Goilala Open seat left vacant by untimely death of our MP Daniel K Mona are 4 former Members of Parliament – Mathew Poia (10), Fabiane Inne (25), Camilo Eself (26) and Ajax Bia (39).

Included amongst the 33 is a lone female warrior in Mathilda Koma (13) who has contested the 2007 and 2012 NGEs consecutively.
Eight candidates out of 33 are New Kids on the Political scene – Titus Girau(15), John Mona (22), William Samb (24), Boniface Eve(27), Michael Stitt(34), Raymond Kopa(35), John Kopa(38), Bruce Mamando(41) and Felix Gitai(42).

The one thing that caught everyone by surprise was the inclusion of former Central Province Governor Alphonse Moroi (20) who lost the seat to incumbent Kila Haoda in the 2012 NGE.

33 Candidates Contesting the 2015 By Elections for Goilala Open
33 Candidates Contesting the 2015 By Elections for Goilala Open

Apart from the new kids on the block, political experience compounded by years of consistently contesting the Goilala Open seat every 5 years places this By Election as one of the hotly contested races to date.

Upon completion of First Preference votes, expect some mass exclusion.
Out of the 17 Fuyuges contesting, am tipping close to 5 candidates exiting very early while 6 Tauwade candidates will see at least 3 shown the door early as well. 8 Gunimaipa candidates will witness only 3 exit early.

In total, at least 11 candidates will end up getting eliminated very early leaving only 22 behind.

Big collectors will be those candidates that put in a lot of effort, time and resources into campaigning right across Goilala District.
1. Matilda Koma
Matilda landed at Kokoda and walked through Chirime valley and ended up in Woitape. She flew back to Port Moresby and later returned to walk the Udaba valley and over the range into Auga Dilava, her home turf. Rumor has it she even visited some areas in Tapini and Guari LLGs via Mona Highway. Classic example of a No Pain, No Gain investment.

2.Bruce Mamando
Entering Goilala has a businessman 10 years ago, Bruce played a “Friend To All, Enemy To None” role. He helped needy, and clothed the unfortunate. He provided a helping hand to those that requested for it directly or indirectly. Bruce used his own funds to fund and bring about vital services to Auga Dilava folks. Being from Hagen, Bruce knew where to get involved and he did. Revival Churches of PNG congregation provided a perfect mix for him and he grabbed it with both arms. Tolokuma Gold Mine provided Bruce a perfect fertile soil to sow his hard earned Kina. And come 2015 By Election, Bruce stands ready to rake in fairly well all across Goilala. But that is only if Goilalas forget their family ties over night.

3.Alex Hoem Robert.
As a strategic politician, Alex knew where to spend a fair bit of time. Woitape station provided Alex a good hunting ground for him. Alex spent close to 3 weeks in Woitape making friends to various Fuyuge speaking tribes from far across Woitape LLG. If Woitape LLG folks repent from their usual style of conning non Fuyuge candidates, Alex will reap what he sowed. Fuyuges are known for speaking two languages. One during the day and another in the night.

4.William Samb
The Message.
William and his Think Tank named themselves “Team Goilala.” And spoke a language that everyone wanted to hear. And they did that using their Team members status within their respective tribes and clan’s across the length and breath of Goilala. As icing on the cake, Papua New Guinea’s firebrand politician, Bulolo Open MP and Deputy Opposition Leader and Pangu Party Leader Honorable Sam Basil was invited to 5 rallies across the most populated LLG in Goilala – Woitape.

Woitape LLG has 14,800 eligible voters while Tapini LLG has 7000 followed by Guari at 4000. Only a fool with ignore Woitape LLG come political season.

5.Peter Nomai.
Money speaks all languages. Been a businessman, Peter has the money to burn. Peter’s agents moved mountains and made their presence felt across Goilala. I will not be surprised to see Peter threaten the top 5 early.

John Mona seem to have a lot of money especially when he is backed by Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea’s People National Congress Party. But with Matilda Koma, Boniface Eve, Bruce Mamando and Daniel Simana up against him, Mr Mona will have to wish for a smoother ride. Because he is not getting one.

Alphonse Moroi downgraded his status by registering to contest the Goilala open seat. Will his recent past work for or against him in this By Election? As is a known fact, when Moroi was Governor of Central Province, Goilala never was in his line of sight especially in the area of project findings. This fact will obviously haunt our former Governor.

Jimmy Gulolo was a dark horse in the recently contested 2012 NGE. But this was so because Jimmy was a member of the Revival Churches of PNG. Jimmy was a prayer loving, non smoking, wife loving and sober habit individual. Jimmy was also employed at TGM which gave him access to most of Goilala’s mobile population. After the 2012 NGE, and obviously loosing, Jimmy took a flip jump and has broke away from Revival Churches and everything else broke loose. Jimmy’s poster for 2015 By Election is bare. The poster does not have any writing on it except “TOP UP TASOL” written on it. Why such is so will have to be explained by Jimmy and co.

To be continued – TOP 10 MAKE UP


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