The Goilala DDA was sworn in yesterday with great fanfare by last night’s postings on the Goilala Development Forum. However the joy as per the following reasons:

• The swearing in was done at the Pangu Party Office in Korobosea and not in the the District Headquarters at Tapini.

• The Chief Secretary, Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc, and the Minister for Provincial Affairs and Local Level Government, Hon Leon Dion advised the Member and DA beforehand that the swearing in was illegal and should be done in the district.

• A list of nominees for membership of DDA is supposed to be forwarded to the Chief Secretary and Minister beforehand, citing qualifications for membership, for their approval. This is to get away from what happened in the past, where appointment to the old JDBPPC was done at the discretion of the Member who just appointed political cronies to fill the appointed membership for church, women and youth.

Willie Samb, I thought you were going to be different, and work with stakeholders. This is a bad start and an early sign that things are moving off track.

The Diocese of Bereina – being the Catholic Church – has been present in Goilala since 1897. Through its network of missions stations throughout all of Goilala, it is responsible for most of the airstrips, roads, schools, and health facilities that you see today. It is the service provider for all the schools and health centres operating in Goilala. Since the time of Ajax Bia up to the last Member, the late Daniel Mona it has been sidelined and kept at a distance from the effective forum for decision making and policy planning (being the JDBPPC). They have all talked about working with the Church at election time, but once elected they quickly distanced themselves from the Church. Are you going to be the same, Willie Samb?

When you are talking about education and health, which are two of the five key sector areas for development, you are talking Catholic Church here. There will be no advancement in these key areas if you are intent on working in isolation to the agency responsible to these services.

Why then has the Diocese of Bereina been left off the DDA? In the last ten years alone the Diocese of Bereina has provided over K20M in development in the district, centred at Tapini at the District High School, Health Centre and primary schools, and also at Woitape at the primary school. Not to mention the expense paid out for pastoral services throughout Goilala, and the operation of health and education services without any support from the district administration.


If so, you contact the Bishop of the Diocese of Bereina, Most Rev Rochus Joseph Tatamai msc and ask him to nominate someone, acceptable to you, to sit on the DDA as the Church Rep.

Willie, you have 18 months to prove yourself. The honeymoon is over. The Church – meaning the Catholic Church – has seen politicians come and go. We will continue regardless. It would be nice though if we could work together to make things happen. It’s up to you!

Fr Casimiro msc


  1. It is good to see the joy in having a representative for the people. But will this joy last?? This is a well written article expressing peoples view on the recent fold of events. yes i believe Fr Casimiro has expressed how churches have developed our districts before independence. Many of us were once taught by the missionaries. We were be taken care of during our times of sickness and the list goes on. I think we must appreciate churches and work with them to bring spiritual, economic and human integral development.

    1. Correct: Joseph. It only becomes a problem when Church becomes to involved in politics.

      Politics affects everyone but not every one is expected to be involved in politics.

      Yes, views and opinions can and will be gathered from all affected but the bottom line is, Church much stay clear of politics. Let politics to politicians and let Church activities to the Church people.


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