Thank you Anthony for tagging me to this discussion and I am always pleased and available to participate in this forum because Pangu Pati has a moral responsibility to the Goilala MP-Elect. Hon. William Samb to also deliver services accordingly to the policies and the pillars that we stood on during the campaign period for the good of the Goilala people.

The people of Goilala are now expecting the Pangu Pati Member-Elect of Gailala to deliver services but very importantly during many of the MP-elect declaration speeches he has also acknowledged the existence of the very important stake holders in within Goilala District who have stood through good and bad times with churches taking the lead.

Yes and we all agree with Casey Kit‘s comments that MPs will come and go and the same applies to us all the politicians in this 9th parliament, we will one day exit our seats and the people will have to deal with another member but while being at the helm we won’t continue to perform like our predecessors, we will try our best to make a difference and that is why we have brought Pangu Pati into Goilala.

Hon. Willam Samb being a Pangu Pati member we will guide him through every processes and procedures to effectively deliver services.

We will make sure Hon. William Samb will operate out of norm but not breaking major rules like by-passing the PSTB and the CSTB processes for projects exceeding its provincial and national trash holds including GDDA board meetings and its procedures but in doing so important stake holders will or may sometimes be affected one way or other which I believe that the Hon. MP can rectify though dialogues and consultations.

Let us now look at the months available leading towards the 2017 general elections which will be in July 2017.

We have 5 months remaining in 2015, count out November and December because public servants starts winding down for the shut down period and the first-eve season leaving only three effective working months remaining this year.

In 2016 we can take three months off our programs which are January, half of February, half of November and December out of the equation will leaving 9 effective months to operate on.

And in 2017 take only March, April and May as working months because election fever will kick in that will affect all district service deliveries throughout PNG the Ombudsman Commission will also be coming down hard on the Finance Department, District and Provincial Treasuries to put all accounts on hold until after the 2017 National Elections.

Hon. William Samb will really have only 15 months of service delivery remaining in this 9th National Parliament term and from Pangu Pati’s view we will not allow the Goilala MP to go to sleep over this 15 months period.

At the end of the day Pangu Pati and it’s candidate will be grilled by the voters and we will make sure we have some answers in time for them in the coming 2017 National Elections.

The GDDA Board swearing in was held in Port Moresby for the convenience of the Magistrate because starting from nowhere with no fundings and resources available it is almost impossible to bring this event into Goilala.

To wait for funding and resources to cater for the swearing in ceremony will only make the GDDA board lose its precious remaining months which it cant afford to do so now.

The first GDDA board meeting under the Chairmanship of Hon. W Samb was also held right after the swearing in ceremony to recognise and endorse the newly sworn in GDDA Board members and I believe a community, business and a church representative was also appointed, witnessed by Goilala people and media for the first time.

The local MP can disclose this information through a proper dialogue and advise to the relevant and concerned stake holders in Goilala District in due course.

The CEO who is the District Administrator will report the proceedings of the swearing in ceremony and the names of the board members will be made available to the relevant authorities as required.

While campaigning in Goilala, we have noticed the infrastructures that has been built by the missionaries which continues to remain run down with no government intervention since September 16 1975.

This reminds a challenge for any future and current Goilala Member of Parliament to address, we see this as an opportunity to partner with the churches and we believe that Hon. William Samb will make contact with relevant stake holders to deliberate on a partnership arrangement especially on Health and Education Sector.

Finally as a Party Leader of Pangu Pati we want our party members to deliver but at the same time we understand and respect his role as a leader in his own right representing the Goilala people, we have confidence in him and will continue to assist him in our capacity at the Party level to maintain and deliver on our policies.

Rebuilding the capacity of the three Goilala LLG through the LLG Administration by equipping them with the right tools and machineries while sustaining their operations is a must for any government of the day to attend to and that remains Pangu Pati’s priority.

Opening up communication links and working closely with very important stake holders to deliver Health, Education and transport infrastructures is also on top on our party’s agenda.

We ask all stake holders and individuals to also do the same and that is to help Hon. William Samb to deliver those much needed services, 15 months is too short because administrative processes will chew up half of those 15 remaining months leaving only 7 to 8 months to see physical changes in the making.

It is going towards the 3rd week now since the declaration of your new MP so let us all hold hands and work together in the name of development.

The Goilala people are waiting.

Hon Samuel H Basil Mp
Leader of Pangu Pati


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