Goilala Coffee has the potential to quince the caffeine demand out there in the Open World but the effort and attention put into nurturing this potential is next to non existent.

Until that is done, coffee trees will grown into heights unknown to this plant. Coffee trees will be cut down for building materials. Coffee trees will be used for fencing and even firewood in Goilala.

GREEN GOLD is never GREEN GOLD in Goilala, after all.

Goilala's District Dev. Forum Blog

If one thing is for sure definite, Goilala coffee is PURE and Organic with zero manufactured ingredients been added to produce/yield the berries they bear.

We have coffee [organic] beans rotting away at Ononge, actually lower Veitapu areas. We have coffee beans rotting away in the chirime valley. We have coffee beans rotting away in the Aiwara constituency. We have coffee beans rotting away alone the banks of Jowa Loloipa river. We have coffee beans left to dry out and deteriorate in huts out there in the villages throughout Guari. In villages such as Bizoa, Enaugagave,Ganiawai, Ghivena, Kamulai, Kelevi, Koefa, Koilapo, Lobudono, Mariboi, Omuitu, Rapaula, Rupila, Taveve, Tonamena, Torula, and Zhake.

Coffee trees are left to compete with the natural bushes and trees for sunlight. They grow to heights unknown to them. Some coffee trees are even cut down as building materials or even for fencing. And firewood too.


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