Papua New Guinea turned 40 on the 16th of September 2015.
To mark that 40th Anniversary, the nation saw the colors – RED, BLACK & YELLOW – flock into designated avenues to sing praise, dance, drink and eat to the day, marking the 40 years of IN-DEPENDENCE.

Independence day is a special day in the Papua New Guinea calender. There is no mistake about that. It means we are now able to look after ourselves on all facets. That include political Independence, economical independence, social independence, spiritual Independence and Financial Independence.

Government allocated a whooping K25million, specifically for the People of Papua New Guinea to rejoice the nation’s 40th birthday, so to speak.

Central Provincial Government did get its share of the pie. And allocated (initially) K100,000.00 to Goilala District. Then on the eve of 16th September 2015, precisely on the 14th of September 2015, Goilala District and her people where informed we were only allocated K50,000.00 [half of what we were promised].

Now the catch of the matter is, this was only 48hours out from 16th September 2015. Without elaborating on the hardship Goilala people experienced in getting from one place to another, getting an Independence celebrations organized for the people within 48 hours, using K50,000.00 for close to a 30,000 people scattered across the rough, unfriendly, rugged and mountainous terrain is a nightmare, just thinking about it.

That is not the only problem. The monies were deposited into the District Account on Monday 14th September 2015. And technically,, these funds will be accessed on the 18th September 2015. Which is like 48 hours after 16th September 2015.

It is unclear if this is by design or not, one thing was visible on the 16th of September 2015. And that is while the nation of Papua New Guinea was up in arms singing and dancing and eating to the achievements we have gained over 40 years of Independence, the significance of 16th September did not really have any effect, and impact on the people of the Nation of Goilala,

Woitape and Tapini stations were quiet. Guari was silent. Village folks from all villages from across the Goilala District woke up on the morning of 16th September and got on with their daily chores. – mothers heading off the their gardens, fathers/men going to clear bushes for their new gardens, children played in their villages, old people remained in their villages fending for their grand children and domesticated animals.

While the able and strong youths tried to walk to Woitape and Tapini respectively just to check in case some sort news might be fort coming from Headquarter – Konedobu. Only to return with the sad news that, there is no news as yet from HQ.

We are a nation of a thousand tribes, equally hundreds of thousands of dialects, and nation of Gold, floating on Oil, where its citizens breath LNG Gas. We Goilalas only dream of one day riding on the wave of one nation, one people, one country. Right now, the Nation of Goilala feel we are not a part of this Nation called Papua New Guinea.

Whether we participate in the 40th Anniversary of the nation of Papua New Guinea or not is not really important because we were, we are and we will always be insignificant. No one cares.


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