‎Tolukuma Gold Mines in the hinterlands of Central Province is rumored to have been sold out to a new player – Asi Dokoma.

This deal is been sanctioned under a “Sales Purchase Agreement” between Petromin Holdings and Asi Dokona.

Petromin Holdings recently abandoned TGM on the initial basis as “no gold deposits” and later changed their reason to “return on investment too uneconomical”.

Petromin Holdings placed TGM on “Care Maintenance” and laid of 90% of the local workforce. Petromin Holdings has not kept it’s side of the bargain and have not paid off all employees as expected and is legally accepted.

While all these was going on, the LOs were kept in the dark. No one knew what was going on.

The political leaders of the District weren’t looped in on this arrangement nor was there a proper awareness done to educate all stake holders in this issue.

Rumor had it that a new operator was already been courted as a replacement for Petromin, but no one knew it was going to be Asi Dokona. Who are these Asi Dokona folks?

Where are they based? What is their expertise in the mining sector? Do they have a track record in Mining?

While Asi Dokona and Petromin seen to get on the roll with signing off deals, regarding someone else’s gold, the ignorant LOs from Tolokuma and deaf and dumb political leaders shut their eyes, ears, mouths and minds out and playing a “invisible” role. It’s a known fact the TGM MOA has never been reviewed.

It is also a known fact that George Gusi – the incumbent LO Chairman – is under some legal battle trying to save face.

So legally, there is no LO Chairman to facilitate any agreement for and on behalf of the LandOwners.

Add onto this, are the political heads of Goilala supposed to be a part of this dealing? If they are then it’s OK.

However how come no news about such deals has made it to the public domain? Is such media black out sanction by the political heads of Goilala?

Honorable William Samb. Are you a party to this Asi Dokona-Petromin over TGM deal?

Petromin has screwed Goilala people inhumanly and for Petromin to facilitate this deal only confirms the fact that Goilala people will be screwed yet again.


  1. I think it is a link to the signing of Agreement at KOKOPO for the PNG LNG Project, someone, a ghost is fast tracking a mining deals in PNG and ignoring the cries of simple people,

    Panguna have nothing to celebrate, Porgera has gone, under same type of deal, Kigira Gas, Moran Oil, Moro Oil, all have been operating since 1980s, yet to date, you will hardly find any real life changing Development…

    Very funny thing is, in those mining centres like Tari Town has no Water Taps for the General Public, No public Toilets, yet I don’t know how our Senior Doctors in Tari Town Comment the situation

    National Alliance Party is the owner of the TGM.. just a rumors that I heard, they must be fast tracking the signing leaving the LOs in the DARK PIT

    1. You are correct Picture Talks.

      Petromin was the brain child of NA led government. With PNC now at the helm, they breaking down everything NA-made.

      PNC is a Papuan Political party. So this Asi Dokona seem to me is a Papuan PNC heavies with the finger prints of Peter O’Neil all over it.

      I just did a company search for Asi Dokona on the IPA site and nothing is found.

      I might be getting the names wrong. But the facts are still definitive.

      1. Educated Elites Of Goilala must Raise against it, we can not be a spectators in our own land…Forget about our own differences, fight for our own recognition in the Development in our own land RATHER THAN CHASING THE CITY LIGHTS

  2. PNC was built over the weakness of NA, every steps taken by NA was observed by PNC through political coalitions, PNC seems like a adapted son of NA as they are steeping into every loops that created by NAs for their Tickets to Paradise…

    Add more clues, NA breaks down on power, Arthur resigned in politic while still energetic and after fast tracking the PNG LNG, Leaving the Chief Land Owners Collecting Empty Can tins and Bottles in NCD Settlements and not committing the benefits as promised,.. NA Master minder is Arthur Somare, He Needs to Come back to the Political Arena Explain to the LAND OWNERS OF PNG LNG on why and how they are taking time for the clan vetting, land owner identifications,

    Land owners Identification and clan Vetting should be done before the Company Signs Deal

    I wonder, Who was the Real Land Owners of Juha did Somare Signed, if one represented us, why does the chiefs are still collecting Dust?


    1. Politics is a bitch. Not every dream in politics do come to pass.

      Arthur Somare wanted to ride on Chief Somare senior’s vibes but Grand Chief is not Arthur and vice versa.

      GC Somare rushed to install his son as his replacement but his dreams did not come true.

      Had Arthur progressed well in to becoming the PM of PNG (Party leader of NA) GC Somare would have resigned from Politics.

      Am hearing Bertha Somare is gearing up for East Sepik Regional. Not sure.

  3. Let it be, the People will decide, Like I’ve said, everything in this country was rushed up and also created some loopholes alone economical pathways,,, Somare was called Leader by the Colonizer, Not the People,

    I hope Iambaki Okuk was alive, by the time PNG would have been linked by Ring Road, Why did Somare set up the 2050 Vision Before the Independence?


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