Check The Commentary on This Article. [OLD NEWS, Worth the reading]

While it exposes some short coming from participating individuals, it also high lights the fact that TGM issue if not handled properly, it will spill over into the rest of Goilala.

Are we stupid to even realize that?

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At about 6pm Wednesday 4th of June 2014, Petromin Holdings owned and operated Tolukuma Gold Mine Yulai LandOwner Association Chairman Mr. George Gusi was formally arrested, charged and locked up at Boroko police station over alleged abduction and rape charges. Mr. Gusi was refused bail.

It has been alleged that Mr Gusi abducted and raped a young lady at Tolukuma Gold mine in December 2013 and has been on the run mainly due to insufficient evidence.

The accused - Yulai Landowners Association Chairman The accused – Yulai Landowners Association Chairman

Last night he was interviewed by the Sexual Office Detectives and charged laid against him. According to sources, Mr Gusi is also been charged for fraud and misappropriation of Landowner funds.

This morning Mr Gusi and his lawyer fronted up at the court house to fight this charges, and at the same time request for bail. If request for bail application is successful, Mr. Gusi will…

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