The Silence of Student Leaders is Deafening – Namorong

The Silence of Student Leaders is Deafening

I have felt compelled to post this in Support of Oro Governor Gary Juffa and his recent call for Tertiary Students to Speak up on current issues affecting our nation.

Whilst I understand many students are preparing for their exams, it doesn’t take too much time and effort for student leadership to make comments in the media.

Throughout these past few years I have supported student movements either actively or passively. Not all these movements were linked to national affairs. Indeed most related to internal matters of various institution.

Last year for instance, Unitech students wanting the return of Albert Schram found themselves in an assymetrical war with the mainstream media (see pic of students burning a newspaper).


It was up to the public on social media to reframe the story in favour of the students.

Lest the students forget, it was the collective efforts of the students and online activists that brought Schram back. The media war was won online.


It has been the case even at UPNG Student Protests (July 2014) and UOG Student Protests (May 2015) that when student voices are ignored by authorities and the mainstream media, the online public step in to get their message accross.

And so I am actually very disappointed that no student leader has made a statement to the press regarding the current state of affairs in our country. Even if the mainstream media wont carry the statement, any such statement would be transmitted online.

Governor Juffa has highlighted a very critical matter and that is the voice of a very important stakeholder is silent on matters of national significance.

I support the Governor in expressing my disdain at how the National Union of Students has remained silent.

Their silence is deafening!

Source/Author: Awayang Namorong Facebook Wall.

2 thoughts on “The Silence of Student Leaders is Deafening – Namorong

  1. After the land mobilization protest i think in 1995 ..the Government threaten students with expel from Universities by asking the administration to take action ..that time the students were like the opposition . in my own opinion, it is one sided face of the coin where it weakens the students ability to stand and argue professionally addressing the very issue affecting the lives of ordinary citizens ..I miss those days where the UPNG forum next to the Michael Somare Library was always live with hardly see it today …rip 

  2. Check the back yards of all the students leaders of this days, it seems that they are colluding with politicians, some of them seems to have money and expensive cars… it is an indicator that these leaders will never fight for their country but only for their butter and bread just like their influences doing today…

    blong soim bross long university meri em ol fit tru ya…


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