Is Lae City a political playing field for PNC Party?

Today’s (18th November 2015) National Newspaper stories in page 4 are very interesting. Following the article I posted yesterday, the three headlines in page 4 reads;

1. PNC should not use Morobeans for its benefit: MP,

2. Kouza slams manner of funds allocation and

3. Morobe govt unchanged in its position over authority issue.

I have summarized the stories in the following manner;

Government if not Prime Minister Peter O’Neill will do all he can to decentralize Morobe leaders through Hon Mao Zeming (PNC Deputy Party Leader) and Chief Secretary Sir Manasupe Zurenouc to gain his business and political interests. Look at how the notion of Lae City Authority (LCA) is being handled. During the budget lock-up, the Treasury Minister and his secretary made it clear that there is no fund for LCA. Prior to that, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill promised the people of Morobe that K100m will be allocated to LCA for municipal services. And that promise or commitment was never shown on the rushed 2016 budget. It was just another empty promise to gain support.

Surprisingly Sir Manasupe popped out from the ocean and promised Lae City that funds will be sourced from ELSEWHERE. It would be better and look decent if such surprising words came out from the mouth of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill or the Treasury Minister than Manasupe. Sir Manasupe is another rubber stamp for O’Neill. Just like the other puppet Mao Zeming.

Yesterday I mentioned that the meeting held by Manasupe regarding LCA did not involve the Chairwoman Hon Loujaya Kouza and Ahi LLG President Sam David Agi as required by the LCA Act. Even the Morobe Governor Kelly Naru who is the chairman of the Provincial Executive Council was not involved. The meeting was between Lae City Manager Roy Kamen and Lord Mayor Koim Trilu Leahy. Koim was the one who strongly opposed the LCA since its introduction. The governor came out today saying he was never involve in any meeting with Sir Manasupe. Not even his PEC too. So, how comes Manasupe claimed yesterday that he had a meeting with PEC members? Kelly Naru made it clear today that; the Morobe Provincial Government has not changed its position to file Supreme Court reference over the issue of Lae City Authority.

The K2.5million cheque meant for Health and Education Sector under the Lae DSIP bounced. That is not a bombshell. It is the traditional tactic of O’Neill government to suppress the Opposition MPs. This only shows how egotistic, selfish and greedy O’Neill is. Such egotistical approach will make people suffer a lot.

Look at how the appointment of Electoral Commissioner was done. It was very contradicting and questionable. Patilias Gamato was serving as the acting Morobe Provincial Administrator for FEW MONTHS before given one of the highest offices in the country. The appointment was so quick as opposed to other departments’ appointments where it used to take months for final appointment to be made. In my view, one of the Deputy Electoral Commissioners should be promoted to acting post first pending the proper processes to take its course. During the campaign for David Arore in Ijivitari Open Electorate, Oro Province, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill confidentially told the Ijivitari people that; the first seat to be declared in the 2017 national election will be the Ialibu-Pangia seat and confident that he will again be Prime minster after the 2017 national election. So, everything is calculated, planned and executed on timely basis.

This is the land of the unexpected. So expect the unexpected as we draw closer to 2017.

Author/Contributor: Charlie Clyde Tikaro


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