Yesterday (Monday 21st December 2015) saw the new infrastructure and development projects for Goilala District.

These projects include; 5 new Toyota Land cruisers allotted to the District Administrator, District Treasurer and LLG Presidents of Goare, Waitape and Tapini.

Other projects include; rural airstrips upgrading, school supplies and VSAT; which is a two way satellite.

While a K10,000 cheque was also presented for the upgrade for Tapini highway, presented to contractors.

He called on the people of Goilala to work together with the Local Level Government to help develop their communities.

Samb stated that 73% of the K6 million budget for Goilala District will be allocated towards infrastructure developments.

Opposition Deputy, Sam Basil, commended the efforts of Goilala MP, saying “infrastructure developments are important in rural areas.

While 80% of Papua New Guineans live in rural areas, the national government must include them, when making decisions for the country.”
Source: By Merilyn Diau-Katam – EM TV News, Port Moresby


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