Guari Restoration Project which was spearheaded by former DA Francis Javia assisted by Hon William Samb is one very fragile and delicate issue that needs to be addressed smartly and strategically for an outcome that will be accepted by all.

When I say ALL, am referring primarily to the people of Guari LLG, the 3 Ward areas and Goilala District people at large.

Other stakeholders can be happy or can be satisfied by what the outcome that may be. Goilala people, led by Guari LLG people must accept whatever outcome that may be.

Lives have been lost. From both sides. Properties damaged. People deprived of vital and basic services.

I would personally expect new DA Titus Girau to pick up where Mr Francis Javia left off.

Guari station needs to be give its rightful status as the Sub District HQ for Guari LLG.

Guari station needs to be rehabilitated and government houses rebuilt.

Guari airstrip needs to be re-opened. To enable services to filter through to the rest of Guari LLG people.

Once Guari is open, naturally Kamulai mission station will be given some attention.

All players and any respectful leaders, community representatives, LLG President Patrick Bauai and his 4 ward councilors need to be seen actively getting involved in this.

If there exist differences and factions and groups in relation to Guari Restoration Project, nothing will be achieved, time wasted, resources exhausted and unsatisfied people taking the law into their own hands.

This project is a very sensitive project and must be addressed smartly and fairly with one purpose, goal, aim and vision.

And that is lasting PEACE.


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