Goilala District is the first District in Central Province political history to be seen buying vehicles using the District Service Improvement Project funds and hand that over to the Local Level Government Presidents in the District.

Woitape LLG President Joe Geru [2013-2018]
Woitape LLG President Joe Geru [2013-2018]
On the 2st of December 2015, just days before Christmas and a week out from New Year 2016, Goilala people’s DSIP funds were used by the Member for Goilala Honorable William Samb to buy a Toyota Land cruser each for the 3 LLG Presidents in Goilala.

Woitape LLG President Joe Geru, Guari LLG Preisdent Patrick Bauai and Tapini LLG President Keleto Peto were all handed the keys to these vehicles by Honorable Member for Bulolo, Pangu Pati leader and Deputy Opposition Leader Samuel H. Basil at Konedobu.

Patrick Bauai  - Guari LLG President - 2014
Patrick Bauai – Guari LLG President – 2013-2018

These event was witnessed by a lot of people and it even made the evening news on local TV stations – EMTV and Kundu 2.

Apart from Honorable Keleto Kope – Tapini LLG President, Woitape and Guari LLG Presidents have taken this gift as a right. And they are seen drinking around in these vehicles as and when they want. They are sighted at odd places at odd hours.

Is this the type of leaders we expected and is this the type of behavior we expect from our LLG Presidents? Is this the kind of use we want these vehicles to be put in?

Are these two Presidents – Joe Geru and Patrick Bauai invincible? And as such, are they untouchable by Member for Goilala District William Samb?

This vehicles were bought and handed over to these newbies as a PRIVILEGE. It is not a RIGHT.

The general Goilala population wants to see their DSIP put to good use. And this arrangement was done with a good heart but it seems its been abused and misused by mentally unstable “leaders.

Please expose this “confused adults” who are occupying respected offices respectively but doing the opposite of whats expected of them.


  1. Hi

    I am Glen Gani, Advisor for all 13 Local Level Governments in Central Province, who has a interest in development issues in Goilala District. Although I am from Rigo District I am a firm believer and advocator for equal development opportunities for all our Districts in Central province The purchase of three vehicles by Hob William Sambi open Member for Goilala is well intended for the purpose of assisting the leaders and officers of Goilala to assist them carry out their duties and responsibilities.

    Yes, the vehicles are privileges and not a right for the two particular presidents and this amounts to abuse of leadership responsibilities and misconduct. They can be cited by Ombudsman Commission for misconduct in office and criminally charge for their actions. As their Advisor I do not condone their actions and suggest Woitape and Guari people must now pursue relevant cause of actions for the two offending presidents to account for their actions.

    Our people in Goilala are still suffering for basic services and leaders and officers must not abuse their roles and responsibilities and misuse their resources. But let me thank the GDF (Forum) for bring the issue to light as we can not continue to allow our leaders to abuse their leadership responsibilities at the detriment and suffering of our people, it needs concerted efforts to immediately stop these nonsense.

    Glen Gani

    On 1/11/16, Goilalas District Dev. Forum Blog

    1. Thank You Mr Glen Gabi Gani. We are honoured to know that you are following your blog and have read our article on the two Presidents.

      We intend to keep our elected leaders and leaders holding high officers/office of responsibility on their heels and be kept monitored to ensure their actions are accounted for.

      Once again, we appreciated your time in contributing to our Blog by way of commenting.

      And we look forward to hearing more from you soon.



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