The much talked about change of hands for the District Administrator was sanctioned to have taken place on the 4th of January 2016.

It was delayed/deferred to 13th January 2016, which is today. However word on the streets has it that, it is now locked down for next week which is 18th -19th January 2016.

One thing that has to be mentioned here for everyone’s benefit is the funny way of doing positional changes and hire and fire exercises when it comes to politically appointed positions.

The person who was occupying the position prior to the change for reasons known to himself/herself does not corporate with the new incoming replacement.

Hence that former keeps intentionally delaying and dragging processes and procedures for however long he/she may want to.

For Mr Francis Javia, [current changes] been the gentlemen he is, a leader in his own right, an educated elite by merit, he has kept a low profile, accepted the decision of his superiors and also respected the Member elect for Goilala District Honorable William Samb, has from day one, stayed in touch with the Member and worked closely with his predecessor Mr Titus Girau.

This is rare. This hardly happens nor will such be repeated again any where in Goilala short political history.

We are blessed to have people like Mr Francis Javia who is able to put Goilala and her people’s interest before his own.

According to the information available, Mr Javia stands very good chance of taking this to the legal field and winning it but only God knows his heart.

Thank You Mr Javia for your short stint as the head of Goilala’s public service machinery.

Thanks also for your time sharing your mind/thoughts on GDDF. It is people of such standing that makes GDDF what it is. We look forward to your continued presence here on GDDF.

It is known you will still be engaged in development agendas by the current Member. In whatever capacity that is, Goilala is blessed to have such people of your caliber.

God Bless Your Heart. God Bless Your Future. God Bless Goilala.


  1. The insinuation that Francis Javia having good chance of wining a legal redress on his removal as acting DA/CEO for Goilala District doesn’t carry any water. Francis Javia was an acting appointee, he did not win the position through selection hearing process. Unless he was a substantive holder of the position he would have a good chance of getting a redress through review of personal matter from Public Service Commission.

    The Provincial Administrator has the prerogative to appoint and revoke and actions he took in the latest senior acting appointment is legally within powers vested on him by the Public Service Management act as can not be questioned. Let Mr. Titus Girau to act on the Position and when the position is eventually advertised everyone who thinks he or she has the qualification and experience to apply that includes Francis Javia.

    We all need the understand the Public Service process in the appointment and revocation of senior public servants before raising issues in the public domain. Further we should not politicize the appointment of senior public servant but let merit base appointment that precedent.

    Glen Gani

    On 1/13/16, Goilalas District Dev. Forum Blog

  2. Thank You Very Much Mr Gani for the clarification on the “Mr Javia having winning change if he seeks a legal redress”. My knowledge on the public service frame works and the legal options available to be used/exhausted is not really up to scratch hence my comments do go off the track some time.

    Your pointing this fact out for me, I appreciate that. Makes me a better commentator next time around. Your comment is been shared on the District Facebook Group for public opinion and comment and information.

  3. The debate on who is the best for bringing change into Goilala and/or whether established processes are being followed.

    I don’t want to know names and don’t really care about who does it. But I totally agree that (1) the best, based on merits, get the job and (2) proper employment processes be applied and adhered to.

    Enough of political propaganda and indirectly inflicting social burden on the innocent and most vulnerable MUST come cease immediately somewhere. We need to catch up with time…people!

    Am sure those in the decision-making seats know their position on these two points. All the best CPG…


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