Let me get straight to the point.
When our late MP Honorable Mona passed on unsuspectingly, all our Treasury responsibilities were taken over by Central Provincial Government and moved to Konedobu.

There was even restrictions put into place to ensure any draw downs were done with the confirmation/approval/clearance from the Provincial Administrator.

Cheques from Goilala District were [are] expected to have some form of confirmation from the Provincial Administrator to confirm its validity before deposits were done or cheques were cashed.

This was more of a control mechanism put in place to control the way money from Goilala District accounts were cashed out.

With the MP gone, District Administrator had the veto powers to approval anything that looked rosy. Jimmy Aniava was that DA.

Cut the long story short.
We now have an MP in Honorable William Samb. Can we now have our Treasury office and powers and responsibilities passed back to Goilala District Treasurer and his officers?

One thing that is obvious when it comes to printing of cheques is, Central Province Treasury will play delayed tactics… not intentionally.

They have a office to run. They have their own time line and their own cheque printing needs to be done. So they will have to get their cheques printed before Goilala District’s cheques are printed.

All the while, Goilala District will have their own plans/projects/time lines to meet.

However Goilala District can not do much because our cheques are still held up there in Treasury office of Central Province down at Konedobu.

For example:
All our K6million projects identified and funded, had to rely heavily on how soon the cheques were printed down at Konedobu.

We had to wait and our projects delayed because, firstly the cheques had to be printed. Then a “Confirmation Letter” had to be done up accompanying all these cheques from Provincial Administrator.

Do we have to go through this crap? Does that mean Goilalas are not capable of doing their own thing? Do we have to be hand-held by CPG every step of the way? Goilala is a District on its own and has its own political heads and District’s public service machinery.

Yes, we had our MP who passed on untimely and such measures had to be taken to protect the people’s monies from misuse and abuse from Jimmy Aniava led gang of “kai kai man”…

But we now have a political head. Can we reverse everything already?


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