Goilala Highway recently had 3 contractors engaged to work on the road.These 3 construction companies moved their machinery in and has started working on the roads.

The highway was broken up into sections and allocated to these 3 contractors to work.

Kaia Works started from LILO bridge and ended at Tapini station.
TRB Contractors started off at UTALAMA bridge to LILO bridge.
Contract Oceanic started off at ARAVULE bridge and ends at UTALAMA bridge.

Kaia Works has completed their job 100%. They have demobilized their machinery as of yesterday and are heading back to Pom now.

TRB Constructors have completed 35% of the road works. They are yet to do 65% of the job.

Construct Oceanic has completed 25% of the job. Yet to do 75% of the job.

Kaia Works was paid 50% of the total cost of the job they did. But Kaia works still completed their job. Now its up to Goilala MP and his DDA to fast track the outstanding balance for Kaia Works.

TRB and Construct Ocean – the reason why they still got 65% and 75% outstanding on their jobs is because they have not been paid.

People, there is some storm brewing here. If we do have not seen it yet.
If Kaia Works does not get their 50% payment, they can sue us for breaching of contract agreement.
TRB and Construct Oceanic can not do any thing until they get their payments.

District Treasure John Laiam and his officers with their CEO and Member for Goilala William Samb has been taking the people of Goilala for a ride.

Last weekend, John Laiam and his officer were booked into a guest house at Boroko area. The main purpose was to fast track paper works to have the cheques printed for these contractors and other projects.

On Friday, John Laiam and his gang were not at work, instead attending some CENTRAL SPORT day.

There is this misconception that we do not have any money. BULLSHIT. It is common knowledge K6m got into the District accounts late November 2015. And these funds are still there to date.

The reason why we can not access our funds right now is incompetency from District Treasury and the CEO and his staff all playing hide and seek chasing each others tails going around in circles.

It is so sickening to hear people like Kaia Works who are professionals in their own right and merit can deliver on time and for free and yet not get paid because of incompetency on our part not been able to keep our side of the deal.

It is so sad to hear that TRB and Construct Oceanic can not move further now until they get their payment processed.

This is all because of a few selfish and greedy self centered individuals in Goilala District administration who think this world revolves they way it does all because of their existence.

Photo Credit: Francis Javia



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